Is Abby leaving Y&R? Fans are 'over' the emotional heiress's storyline

Yasmine Leung November 16, 2021
Is Abby leaving Y&R? Fans are ‘over’ the emotional heiress’s storyline

Abby Newman made a huge decision regarding Dominic on the Monday, 15 November episode of Y&R, causing fans to wonder if actress Melissa Ordway is leaving the soap.

*WARNING: Y&R spoilers ahead*

Melissa entered The Young And The Restless as Abby Newman, replacing Marcy Rylan in April 2013.

The character has had a rough few months given the supposed death of her husband Chance Chancellor, hence explaining why the mother is planning to leave Genoa City.

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How To Ruin Christmas 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

How To Ruin Christmas 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

What happened to Abby?

On Monday’s episode, she did the unexpected: give away her baby son. Yes, she asked Devon and Amanda to look after Dominic while she leaves the city.

She said that she was “a trainwreck over Chance”, understandably, but fans are in complete disagreement with her attempt to fix herself.

Thankfully, Devon accepted her request. She didn’t ask her mom Ashley for help since Devon was the closest person to a father figure for Dominic, and he had spent more time with him than anyone in her family.

On top of that, Abby’s home is ‘filled with sorrow and sadness’, so she didn’t want her son living in such an environment.

Right now, it’s uncertain where she will run away to: it’s possible that she’s planning to investigate the safe house in Valencia, Spain, where Chance’s explosion occurred, but Abby has said she might not leave town.

To be honest, it’s all up in the air right now since she’s so lost on how to cope.

Is Abby leaving Y&R?

It seems unlikely for now: Abby will probably try to uncover the truth about Chance since she’s convinced he’s alive. Judging from spoilers, she’s actually correct!

Given that, it’s likely that she will return to Genoa City and reunite with her family.

At the beginning of November, Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman) reportedly spoiled Chance’s return when she uploaded a backstage photo with Bryton James (Devon) and Jess Walton (Jill Abbott).

In the background, a large sign reads ‘Chance!’ in gold shimming cursive, hinting that the set is a welcome party for the soldier.

Come on, there’s even party food on the table – it must be a celebration.

Obviously, the actress promptly deleted the photo, but not quick enough for fans to screenshot.

The new Chance will be portrayed by Conner Floyd, probably using explosion as the excuse to why he looks a little different to Donny Boaz.

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Fans want Abby out

Although there’s going to be brighter days for Abby with her husband’s return, Y&R viewers aren’t that excited.

A redditor wrote:

“Yeah, this entire storyline is a mess. I usually fast forward TBH. We’ve had an entire year of emotional Abby and I’m over it.”

While a mother completely disagrees with Abby leaving Dominic:

“Yea it doesn’t make any sense. I had a rough postpartum period and hired help and did what I could. You don’t move the baby out. This is contrived.”

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