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How old is Max in Stranger Things season 4? Character's ages in S2 to S4 explored

Amber Peake July 2, 2022
How old is Max in Stranger Things season 4? Character's ages in S2 to S4 explored


Stranger Things fans got to see a new side of Max in season 4, but how old is the character in the latest season? 

Max has been a staple on the series since its second season, although fans got to see her in a new light this season as she battled Vecna’s curse. 

Following the release of the final two episodes of the fourth season, some are curious to know the character’s age. 

We take a look back at Max’s ages throughout each season, as well as the actress who plays her, Sadie Sink. 

Stranger Things 4 | Volume 2 Trailer | Netflix

Stranger Things 4 | Volume 2 Trailer | Netflix

How old is Max in Stranger Things season 4?

Season 4, set in 1986, sees the Stranger Things younger gang enter their high school years. 

Max and her former middle school pals, Dustin, Mike, Will and Eleven, are all freshmen and are 15 years old in the new season. 

Filming for the latest series began in January 2020 but paused between March and September of that year amid the coronavirus pandemic. Production came to an end a year on in September 2021.

Max actress, Sadie Sink, was born on 16 April 2002, meaning she would have been 17 years old during the first few months of filming. 

However, by the time filming wrapped, Sink would have celebrated her 18th and 19th birthdays. 

How old was Max in seasons 2 and 3?

Stranger Things audiences first meet Max in season 2 as the new girl in Hawkins. The 13-year-old becomes part of the younger gang after she captures the hearts of Dustin and Lucas. 

The second season was filmed between November 2016 until the following June, meaning Max star Sadie Sink would have been around the same age as her character in season 4 – 14 or15.

Season 3 is set in summer 1985, with Max said to be about 14 or 15. Production for the third season began in April 2018, just after Sink’s 16th birthday and concluded that November. 

Sadie Sink talks worries she was ‘too old’ during Stranger Things audition

This week, ahead of the final chapter of Stanger Things season 4, the Max actress opened up about her ‘firsts’ to Teen Vogue

While reflecting on her first audition for the show she shared how, during the initial casting, there was concern she may have been “too old”.

She explained: “I think at one point they thought I was gonna be too old, but I was just like no, just give me more material.” 

Sink added after the chemistry read, it all worked out: “I got there, and we were all the same height and the same age, and they had nothing to worry about.”

Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Sadie Sink turned 20 in April

The Stranger Things star celebrated the end of her teen years and the start of her 20s in April as she did a “nostalgic shoot” with photographer Katie Mccurdy. 

As part of the shoot, Mccurdy also shared a handwritten note by Sink in which the actress reflected on turning 20. 

In the note, the young actress gushed about how she used to think of 20 as “such a mature age” but doesn’t look at it as being a “glorified extension” of her teenhood. 

Of course, Sink’s legions of fans also honoured her birthday across social media as they shared their love for the actress. 

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