How old is Jake from Adventure Time? What are magical dog years anyway?

Olivia Olphin November 11, 2020
How old is Jake from Adventure Time? What are magical dog years anyway?
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How old is Jake The Dog from Adventure Time? Jake has been trending on Twitter after a poll asking fans to pick between him and another anthropomorphic character, Rigby from The Regular Show. The answers were a resounding success for Jake and sparked an internet flurry of curiosity about the beloved character.

How old is Jake from Adventure Time?

Let’s begin by saying it isn’t completely clear how old Jake is, because, according to Jake himself, he ages in “magical dog years”. The Adventure Time wiki reads: “Jake was 28 years old at his debut in ‘magical dog years’ and aged throughout the series, although he rarely acts mature.”

However, throughout the show, we watch Jake go through various stages of adult life, such as getting engaged and married to longtime girlfriend, Lady Rainicorn, having kids (half-dog half-rainicorn creatures that also seem to age in magical dog years) and seeing his kids all grown up, living their own lives.

But back to Jake The Dog’s age, it is assumed magical dogs have similar lifespans to human characters in the series. However, it isn’t clear how to compare magical dog years to human years.

Why is Jake The Dog trending on Twitter?

One Twitter user sparked a heated debate about which cartoon character would be the ultimate best friend – Rigby from The Regular Show or Jake from Adventure Time.

Fans on Twitter immediately rallied and showed their support for Jake:

What is Adventure Time about?

Adventure Time follows a young boy, Finn, and his best friend and adoptive brother Jake The Dog. They live together in the post-apocalyptic Land Of Ooo, which was laid to waste by the Great Mushroom War. Jake is a magical yellow dog, whose body can stretch and bend into almost any shape or size. He’s usually a funny, laid-back character and a selfless big brother to Finn The Human.

The show ran from 2010 to 2018, quickly becoming a cult classic thanks to its intricate world-building and whimsical approach of some pretty serious themes, such as loss, morality and coming of age.

Fun Fact: Jake wears transparent pants made of spider webs that are spun by pixies (as seen in the episode ‘Donny’).

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