How old is Frank Billingsley? KPRC 2 meteorologist celebrates milestone

Amber Peake September 23, 2022
How old is Frank Billingsley? KPRC 2 meteorologist celebrates milestone


KPRC 2 commemorated its chief meteorologist Frank Billingsley this week as he celebrated 40 years within the broadcasting industry, but how old is he?

Thursday (September 22) marked four decades since Billingsley’s started his career in broadcasting, with almost three decades of that having been spent as part of KPRC 2.

As the Houston station honors its chief meteorologist’s career milestone, curiosity about Frank Billingsley’s age seems to have also sparked among viewers. We take a look at how old he is as well as his career over the years.

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KPRC 2’s Frank Billingsley celebrates 40 years in broadcasting 

This week marked four decades since KPRC 2 chief meteorologist Frank Billingsley started his career in the broadcasting industry.

Billingsley started out in the world of TV weather in 1982 as part of the Roanoke, Virginia station WDBJ 7. The meteorologist reflected on his debut in broadcasting at the station on Thursday 40 years on in a post on his Facebook

Noting his career milestones’ alignment with the first day of the autumn season, he quipped: “First day of fall! First day of Frank, back on September 22, 1982. That’s right, I have now been a TV Weatherman for 40 years!”

While sharing a throwback snap of himself forecasting the weather, he also thanked TV viewers who have watched his weather reports over the years as he wrote: “Congrats to me but more than that, THANKS to you! I appreciate your trust and viewership all these years!”

2022 also marks 27 years at KPRC 2

While this week saw the anchor celebrate 40 years as a meteorologist on-screen, 2022 also marks 27 years since he joined the KPRC 2 weather team.

Billingsley started his almost three-decade-long stint at the Houston station in 1995 and has worked as KPRC 2’s chief meteorologist ever since.

He would have commemorated his work anniversary at the station earlier this year in February and is set to celebrate 30 years in 2025.

Prior to KPRC 2, he worked at the Biloxi, Mississippi station WLOX and later moved to Houston in 1989 and joined KTRK.

How old is Frank Billingsley? 

The chief meteorologist was born in 1960, meaning he is currently 62 years old.

As per a past birthday post from KPRC 2 on Twitter, he celebrated his latest birthday earlier this summer in June.

When he started his career in TV weather in 1982, Billingsley would have been 22 years old.

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