What is Squid Game's Honeycomb game and is it real?

Celine Byford September 23, 2021

Netflix’s Squid Game features a Honeycomb game in Episode 3, which has left viewers wondering whether it is made up or completely real.

The new K-drama by Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Soo has left many quizzical minds in fascination over the games – with the main goal being cash.

With $40 million on the line, 456 participants who want to get their hands on the money are tasked with challenges, such as the Honeycomb game.

The Red Light Green Light round in Episode 1 drew in lots of attention from viewers, and the same curiosity rose for the Honeycomb game.

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To clear up the confusion, The Focus found out the game’s rules and whether it is actually played in real life.

Squid Game: Honeycomb game explained

After heading into the ‘game room’, participants are presented with a sugar honeycomb game in the episode titled ‘The Man With The Umbrella’.

They are shown four different doors with a symbol before them.

A total of 212 participants are then each given a circular-shaped tin can which has a piece of sugar honeycomb inside.

They consist of one of four different shapes: triangle, circle, star or an umbrella (considered the highest difficulty).

Each player is instructed to cut out the shape with a needle, without cracking or breaking the sugar honeycomb. Some used their tongue to help thin out the honeycomb and make it easier to cut.

Is the Honeycomb game real?

Yes, the sugar honeycomb game seen on Squid Game is actually a traditional children’s game, and played in real life.

Since the series aired, there has even been a recipe shared by YouTuber Faith Maggy on how to make similar honeycomb to that seen on Netflix.

Sugar honeycomb itself is a popular street food candy in Korea, which has a sweet caramel flavor and a crunchy, melting texture.

In real life, the game can be played by seeing who can actually get the candy out without breaking it, and is thought of as a children’s game.

‘Never held my breath watching people lick honeycomb before’

The intense series has led to lots of reactions on Twitter, but despite its seriousness, viewers have found a way to react with comedy.

Check out a selection of Honeycomb game memes:

Squid Game is streaming on Netflix now.

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