Home Economics' Caitlin McGee is pregnant as ABC sitcom returns

Amber Peake September 22, 2022
Home Economics' Caitlin McGee is pregnant as ABC sitcom returns
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Home Economics fans who don’t follow Sarah actress Caitlin McGee on social media may have missed that she is pregnant, with the star having shared the happy news earlier this summer.

The popular ABC sitcom returned to our screens this week for a third season following the end of the second season in May.

As McGee is back on our screens, audiences may not have heard that in between the second and third seasons of Home Economics, the actress announced she is expecting. 

Abbott Elementary | Official Teaser Trailer | ABC

Abbott Elementary | Official Teaser Trailer | ABC

Home Economics star Caitlin McGee is pregnant

Fans of the ABC sitcom who haven’t kept up with Home Economics star on social media off-screen may not know that Sarah actress Caitlin McGee is currently pregnant. 

The actress announced she was expecting back in May on Instagram, following the season two finale of Home Economics. In the post, she shared her excitement to meet her new bundle of joy, and McGee revealed she was due in October.

Following her baby announcement post, the Home Economics actress has continued to share updates on her pregnancy with fans, as well as snaps of her growing bump. She also revealed she is expecting a baby girl.

She was eight and a half months pregnant while filming S3 premiere

Following the release of the series premire on Wednesday, Caitlin McGee was seen to take to Twitter as she interacted with fans sharing their love for her character Sarah. 

In response to one post, that complemented the actress’ appearance during the episode, McGee gushed about how she was over eight months pregnant at the time it was filmed. 

Following the fans’ kind words, she penned back: “I was 8.5 months pregnant when we shot this episode, so …thank you.”

Filming for the season opener started in early August. At the time, the Home Economics Twitter page updated fans on the start of production as it shared a snap of the cast at Disneyland: 

Fans joke about timing of actress’ pregnancy compared to character’s life

As Home Economics viewers reacted to the season three opener online, some pointed out the timing of the actress’ real-life pregnancy compared to her character Sarah’s initial baby discussions on the show. 

Fans of the show will know that McGee’s character Sarah and wife Denise have two adopted kids together and have discussed having a baby together. In the season two finale, in a heart-to-heart moment, Sarah, who had warmed to the idea, volunteered to carry it via pregnancy. Baby discussions were seen to continue into the new season as Denise explained reciprocal IVF to the family.

Reflecting on the timing of the actress’ pregnancy off-screen, one user on Twitter wrote: “I love how they’re still talking about Sarah and Denise having a baby when Caitlin McGee is so obviously pregnant, lol.”

Another fan tweeted: “The timeline of Sarah’s pregnancy is kinda funny because Caitlin McGee is towards the end of her’s whereas Sarah isn’t even pregnant yet.”

While responding to the second fan tweet, McGee also saw the humor in the situation as she added the timing was “pretty unfortunate” and, while explaining how she is 10 months pregnant, went on to note the “irony” of it.

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