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Meet the cast of Netflix's Heist 2021: Documentary series stuns viewers

Olivia Olphin July 20, 2021
heist Netflix 2021 cast


Would you love to find out how some of the biggest crimes in the US were committed? Do you want to follow the paper trail of millions in stolen cash? Then Netflix’s documentary series Heist is just for you. The series follows three separate heists and brings the audience behind the curtain, to uncover what actually went down. We introduce you to the cast of Netflix’s Heist 2021.

What are Netflix’s Heist documentaries about?

The unusual thing about Netflix’s Heist is that each crime is told from the point of view of the person or people who committed it. Talk about getting up close and personal.

Director Derek Doneen stated: “We wanted people from all walks of life…people who are a little bit more average, like you and me.”

The show follows these seemingly normal people as they talk us through how they got away with these daring and law-defying acts.

There are six episodes in total, split up into three crimes. The first episode of each crime sets up what led them to this moment, and the second episode shows where it all went wrong.

Heist | Official Trailer

Heist | Official Trailer

While the stories are narrated by the people who committed the crimes, the documentary also reenacts these scenes before our eyes.

Meet the cast of Netflix’s Heist 2021: Episode 1 Sex Magick Money Murder

The first heist centres around Heather Tallchief, a woman who stole $3 million in cash from casinos in Las Vegas. She was in love with Roberto Solis, who was a murderer on parole, and he manipulated her into committing these crimes.

Young Heather Tallchief is played by Emree Franklin, and adult Heather is played by Lisa Lord.

Rianna ‘Emree’ Franklin is an actor, producer and musician, who is most well known for her work on Last Seen in Idaho, Accountable and College Town.

She was raised in Puget Sound, Washington on a farm and now writes and performs her own music. This includes songs such as Hurt Forever, The Anthem and Up All Night, which was featured on Amazon Prime’s series Hanna.

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HEIST-Sex Magick Money Murder; Emree Franklin as Heather Tallchief in HEIST-Sex Magick Money Murder. ©NETFLIX 2021

Lisa Lord, or Elizabeth Pilsbury Lord, was born on 24 March, 1964 in Washington, District of Columbia.

She is most well known for her work acting in ER, Port Charles, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Her work on Netflix’s Heist is her first acting role since 2009.

You can find her on Instagram here.

HEIST-Sex Magick Money Murder; Lisa Lord portrays Heather Tallchief in HEIST-Sex Magick Money Murder. ©NETFLIX 2021

Roberto Solis is played by actor Patricio Doren. He has starred in other projects such as The Forever Purge, Carpe Diem and Mayans M.C.

Meet the cast of The Money Plane and The Bourbon King

The second heist focuses on Karl Monzon who managed to walk away from Miami International Airport with the small sum of $7.4 million.

In the show Karl Monzon is played by Juan Sanchez-Molina. He previously starred on Catfish: The TV show, Fatal Impulses, and 6th and 12th.

Gilbert ‘Toby’ Curtsinger is the focus of the third and final heist. He stole bottles of extremely rare bourbon and sold them on. However, this small time way of making a bit of extra cash, soon became a way of making big money.

HEIST – The Money Plane; ©NETFLIX 2021

Toby is played by Matthew Downs, who has starred in Straight Outta Compton, Plain Sight and Timeless.

We can’t wait to see what other crimes Netflix will tackle next.

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