Did Hazbin Hotel recast S1 voice actors? Angel Dust's future unknown

Yasmine Leung December 22, 2021
Did Hazbin Hotel recast S1 voice actors? Angel Dust's future unknown

Hazbin Hotel teased season 1 with an official art poster but its leading voice actors revealed hours later they’re exiting the show – and fans aren’t happy.

Despite only releasing one episode, Hazbin Hotel has gained a large, and definitely patient, following.

With 115k followers on the show’s subreddit and 70 million views on creator Vivziepop’s video, fans have been waiting for episode 2 to drop for more than two years.

The good news is the second episode is around the corner. Bad news is, some of the fan-favourite voice actors won’t be returning.

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Mario Party Superstars | A Completely Normal Mario Party Superstars Trailer

Mario Party Superstars | A Completely Normal Mario Party Superstars Trailer

Hazbin Hotel recasts fan favourites

Yes, it’s true – several voice actors have left the animation at a time when fans thought they’d be able to dive into a series they know and love.

Don’t get me wrong, the future actors will do an amazing job, but it appears some fans have become so attached to the originals they can’t imagine anyone else.

Here’s the list of confirmed departures:

Other voice actors Twitter users are worried will leave are Joe Gran (Egg Bois) and William Andrew Stamper (Sir Pentious), although there have been no confirmations from the actors themselves.

Alastor and Charlie’s talking voice, Vaggie, and Husk have had no update.

Some actors affected by the line-up changes claimed they weren’t asked to return. LaPorte said she was “devastated” at the news, while Lovelock said he notified fans “with a heavy heart”.

The YouTube animation was picked up by entertainment company A24 in August 2020. One fan speculated whether a change in company might be one reason for the recast.

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Hazbin Hotel viewers beg for character Angel Dust

Kovach’s departure seems to be the most devastating news of all for Hazbin Hotel fans as some labelled him the “perfect” Angel Dust.

Despite the gloomy mood, some fans have made a joke out of the situation. They’ve hopped on to the ‘Chris Pratt voices everything’ meme, claiming he’ll be the next Angel Dust.

The joke refers to the Marvel actor being announced as the voice of Mario and Garfield, which wasn’t well-received by every fan.

There has been no official news of the full list of voice actors for Hazbin Hotel episode 2. It is best to follow the show’s official Twitter account for the latest updates.

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