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Who was Hayden Barnes on General Hospital and what happened to her?

Darcy Rafter November 2, 2021
Who was Hayden Barnes on General Hospital and what happened to her?
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General Hospital fans are keen to catch up on who Hayden Barnes was and what actually happened to her. Will she ever return?

Hayden was played by Rebecca Budig from March 20, 2015, to November 28, 2019.

Let’s discover more about Hayden Barnes from General Hospital and find out whether she is gone for good.

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Who was Hayden Barnes on General Hospital

Hayden Barnes is a fictional character from the ABC soap opera General Hospital.

She is the daughter of Dr Jeff Webber and Naomi Dreyfus and is actually the legal daughter of Raymond Berlin who is a corrupt banker. Therefore it was revealed that Hayden’s real name was Rachel Berlin.

Nikolas tried to divorce Hayden after finding out this news but she threatened to reveal his deep secrets. Another plot twist came when Heather revealed that Hayden’s mum had an affair with Jeff Webber making Hayden his child.

Hayden then started dating Dr Hamilton Finn and the couple got pregnant, the pair were about to get married but on their wedding day, Hayden didn’t show up.

Hayden apologised in a letter and hoped he would find someone who truly deserved him. She also told him that she had lost their baby, but in a flashback of her writing the letter to him she stood up to reveal to the audience that she was still pregnant.

When Finn received the letter from Hayden there was a part that asked him to come and visit her so they could talk. However, he had already moved on and declined the invitation.

The other big reveal was when Hayden admitted that the little girl in the hospital who Finn was treating as a patient was actually their daughter Violet.

What happened to Hayden Barnes?

Hayden tried to blackmail Nikolas but he told her to tell the truth about her and Ric’s cunning plan. Although, when Hayden went to the garage where Jake worked, she was shot in the head.

Shawn Butler was the person who shot her and he was sent to Xtreme Motors by Sonny Corinthos to kill Jake Doe.

Hayden was also at the garage when Shawn arrived and he fired his gun at the same time as Nikolas’ hitman, and it turned out to be the hitman’s bullet that shot Hayden in the head.

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