Is that Grills in Hawkeye? Is Clint’s LARP-loving neighbour back?

Darcy Rafter November 24, 2021
Is that Grills in Hawkeye? Is Clint’s LARP-loving neighbour back?

Not long before Christmas day, Clint Barton aka Hawkeye sets his sight on the Ronin suit. Is that Grills that he runs into when he attempts to get it back?

If you read the comics you’ll know that Grills was Clint’s neighbour. Therefore, fans are curious to know if he makes an appearance in episode 2 of Hawkeye.

Fans are already conspiring that if he joins the show he could be Kate’s neighbour, let’s delve into the character of Grills some more.

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Is that Grills in Hawkeye?

Yes, you saw it right – that really was Grills who made a feature on Hawkeye episode 2. However, he looks massively different to the comics and he’s not a firefighter nor is he a middle-aged man.

Live-Action Role-Playing aka LARP is what brought Grills to Hawkeye, seen as he loves to LARP so much. Clint is desperate to get the Ronin suit back and he ends up competing against the hench NYC firefighter Grills to win it back. Ultimately, Grills won the LARP-er battle but the suit returns to Clint as planned.

It was planned because Grills had already agreed to give the suit back to Clint, as he asked him to let him “kill” him in the LARP. We love that Grills just wanted the clout of defeating the ex-avenger, claiming it would make him a “legend”. Clint agrees to accept defeat and after the pair battle it out they even become friends. Hawkeye tells him, call me ‘Clint,’ which seems to blossom a new friendship.

Is Clint’s LARP-loving neighbour back?

It has not yet been confirmed if Grills will be returning to the show as a recurring character. Many think he could just be an easter egg for that episode and will not appear again.

You may recognise Grills as the person in the comics who lives in Clint’s apartment block and is his neighbour. He used to grill things on the roof and readers were even introduced to his dad when the massive flood happened. Grills dies in the comics by the Clown, so let’s see how long Grills remains in the Hawkeye series for.

We barely got to know grills but fans are already loving him, let’s just hope he sticks around for another episode.

Fans react to spotting Grills

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The Tracksuit Mafia guys are reporting to an unknown woman and fans are taking bets on who it could be. They suspect it is Eleanor but as usual, the series left us on a cliffhanger. Tune into episode 3 to find out more!

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