GH's Marcus steps in to help backstage as Maurice refuses to break character

Darcy Rafter November 15, 2022
GH's Marcus steps in to help backstage as Maurice refuses to break character
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General Hospital‘s Marcus Coloma has had to step in to help backstage as co-star Maurice Benard refused to break character in his dressing room.

Those who love the actors will know that they tend to spend a lot of time together making hilarious videos and this is just the latest of the bunch. In the most recent video, we see the actors messing around backstage as fans discover what they get up to behind the scenes of General Hospital.

The two co-stars have recently become besties and have won over TikTok with their hilarious string of vignettes. Sometimes the videos include their co-stars such as Johnny Wactor, Kin Shriner, Finola Hughes, and Cynthia Watros. Although, this time, the dynamic duo has got the General Hospital wardrobe department involved.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – “General Hospital” airs Monday-Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (Valerie Durant via Getty Images) MARCUS COLOMA

Marcus steps in to help backstage as Marcus won’t break character

In the video shared to Instagram, General Hospital’s Marcus Coloma (Nikolas) can be seen strolling through the ABC studio when he sees Alice Volonino, from the wardrobe department, waiting outside Maurice Benard’s (Sonny) dressing room.

“An actor must prepare… but so must Alice Volonino in wardrobe,” Coloma wrote in the caption. Before stating that the Shakespeare quote Benard is rehearsing “may be the greatest line of all time.”

Coloma walked up to Volonino, who explained, “I’m just standing here, trying to talk to Maurice but he won’t break character. He’s like rehearsing for Shakespeare or something.”

Coloma took it upon himself to deal with Benard and try and break his character, he braced himself before going in and asked what Volonino needed from the podcast host. “I need to know if he needs any socks,” she replied.

“I’ll see what I can do,” Coloma told her before entering Benard’s dressing room, where Bernard could be found dressed up as Marc Antony. Maurice held up a hand to silence Coloma and continued rehearsing, “If you have tears, prepare to shed them now,” which is a line from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

Coloma then butted in to ask, “Alice just wanted to know if you need socks,” to which Bernard replied, remaining in character, “If you need socks prepare to put them on.” He then broke character and stated, “I don’t need socks.”

Coloma struggled to break character and broke up with his girlfriend

Marcus understands Maurice’s inability to break character, as he revealed whilst appearing on Benard’s YouTube podcast, State Of Mind. Coloma told his co-star about a time his character meshed with his real life and he ended up breaking up with his girlfriend at the time. He went on to explain that he had been rehearsing a scene where Nikolas and Ava were breaking up.

“I think what’s going on is I’m not trying to method act but I think just the amount of work that we get, inevitably you’ve got to be careful because it can mesh with real-life you know,” he shared that he thought he was “Nikolas and she was Ava. I was like, ‘You need to leave right now.’”

Marcus and Maurice’s hilarious videos

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