GH's Chad Duell admits he felt like he was 'dying' in painful health scare

Darcy Rafter September 23, 2022
GH's Chad Duell admits he felt like he was 'dying' in painful health scare
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On the latest episode, September 18 edition, of Maurice Benard’s mental health-centric YouTube show, State Of Mind, the actor sat down with his onscreen son Chad Duell (Michael Corinthos), who revealed why he has been absent from General Hospital. 

In the episode, Duell discusses various things that have been on fans’ minds including what life is like being single since breaking up with fellow soap actress Courtney Hope.

Michael’s storyline has been a lead narrative recently, but in June, Duell was temporarily replaced by Robert Adamson (ex-Noah, Y&R). Duell took to Twitter to reassure fans he would soon return, “I’m good.. I’ll be back filming next week. Was covid related. Robert did great.” However, it appears the actor has taken a break from filming once again.

Discover why the Emmy winner was off-canvas as he opens up about a terrifying health scare…

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GH’s Chad Duell admits he felt like he was ‘dying’

In recent episodes, GH has temporarily recast Michael with Adamson and fans grew worried that Chad Duell had contracted COVID once again. 

In fact, even Chad, who has had Covid multiple times, thought he had contracted the virus: “I thought I had COVID again,” he said to his castmate. “I had the symptoms of it: the fever, the cough, a weird headache… ”

However, Duell’s tests were negative, and “on the fourth day, all of a sudden, my chest started hurting unbelievably bad,” he explained. “I felt like I was having a heart attack. Holy crap. It was so painful.”

The actor eventually decided to go to the hospital as the pain worsened and he thought, “If I have COVID, it probably went to my chest.” At the hospital, Duell says “It was like an episode of ‘House’,” as doctors tried to solve his mysterious illness.

Duell reveals health scare was like an episode of ‘House’

After blood tests, his troponin levels were tested and it was determined that he hadn’t suffered a heart attack. Instead, an angiogram revealed that Duell was suffering from “acute myocarditis, which is inflammation of the heart muscles” that usually occurs after exposure to a virus.

Duell continued to educate Benard on the condition: “It’s a long-term Covid effect and some people get in their brains.” Thankfully it “goes away on its own” but Duell admitted it was a terrifying experience, “I thought I was dying. I can’t tell you the pain I felt. I was taking morphine and it wasn’t doing anything. So I was scared, man.”

Throughout the health scare, Duell decided not to tell any friends or family because he knew that if they came to visit him, “their stress would make it worse for me.” Benard replied saying that if he had known then he would have come and given him a hug. However, Duell was keen to make a quick escape as it seems he spends enough time in a hospital both in his work and personal life. The environment was driving him crazy so in the end, he “left against medical advice.” 

However, Duell explained that it was a massive learning curve and the experience led him to do some deep reflection: “When you think you might die, you start to re-evaluate some things, see what’s important,” he said. “The worst thing when you’re about to pass is unrealized potential — that and who you love and who loves you. That’s all that matters in the end.” Duell is looking into the future with newfound clarity, “I have to do what I’m capable of.”

Chad Duell opens up on State Of Mind

In the episode, Chad also reflected on being single after his marriage broke down with Y&R’s Courtney Hope (Sally). The actor explained that he has been finding his identity away from the relationship and getting to know himself better. He also touched on his parent’s divorce and how that affected him when he was younger. The actor accredits these experiences as fuel to make him a stronger person. 

The duo also chatted about what the acting scene is like at the minute and the importance of respect in the industry. They seemed to hint that there was a lack of respect from younger actors nowadays: “I was taught to respect everybody: cops, doctors, and every authority figure,” Benard said.

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