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General Hospital's wildest storylines ever – alien friend to Mikkos plot

Darcy Rafter May 24, 2022
ABC's "General Hospital" - 2021
Christopher Willard via Getty Images

Soap operas wouldn’t be the same without their wild storylines, and General Hospital has really mastered the art. In Port Charles, nothing is too out of the ordinary and it certainly makes for some crazy plots, let’s take a look at some of the best storylines.

After 15,000 shows and 59 years on air, let’s take a look at some of the wildest General Hospital storylines ever.

General Hospital: New Year, New Drama Promotional Trailer

General Hospital: New Year, New Drama Promotional Trailer

Mikkos tries to freeze the world

General Hospital used to contain a lot more adventure and mystery. As we know the Ice Princess has come up in recent storylines but, before that, the plot hadn’t been mentioned since the 1980s.

In the plot, Mikkos Cassadine was using the Ice Princess in his weather machine so he could freeze the world. Mikkos was planning to blackmail the rest of the planet after he froze Port Charles and schemed to rule the world. However, Luke, Laura and Robert stopped him in his tracks.

Cassadine/Spencer rivalry is born

Everybody knows the Cassadine family has had a long-running feud with the Spencer family, but what some may not know is how it all started.

After Luke and Laura overthrew Mikkos Cassadine’s plans to rule the world by freezing it, Helena placed a curse on the couple on their wedding day. Ever since then, the families have hated each other.

Jason Quartermaine becomes Jason Morgan

Quartermaine had plans to become a doctor like his parents but, when his brother AJ caused a car accident, Jason suffered brain damage. Following the crash, he was left with no memory and eventually moved out because he struggled to come to terms with the fact he wasn’t who he used to be. He changed his name to Morgan and began working for Sonny. Ring a bell?

Lucy’s Nurses Ball wardrobe malfunction

Lucy went backstage at the Nurses Ball and realised her assistant Amy Vining had mixed up the dresses and shoes for the evening. Amy tried to help plan what she should wear but Lucy insisted she was already ready, to Amy’s surprise.

In fact, she was known for her wardrobe changes and in 1994 while she was changing outfits, the backstage curtain raised showing Lucy in her underwear.

Lucy eventually went for a red dress but after seeing someone walking in wearing the exact same outfit, she took centrepieces, covered her body and ran off the stage.

James Franco stars and is obsessed with Jason

James Franco guest-starred on General Hospital as the artist/serial killer Franco, and it was pretty iconic. He developed an obsession for Jason Morgan and began stalking and terrorising his family.

Jason is a master assassin who’s murdered a lot of people in his time and got away with it. This is perhaps why Franco became fixated on Jason and enjoyed the danger that came with it.

Although James Franco left the soap, his character returned played by a different actor. After the character had a brain tumour removed, he began acting slightly more normal.

Drew has Jason’s memories

When Steve Burton decided to leave General Hospital, Jason Morgan was supposedly killed off in the show. Billy Miller then joined the cast and was revealed to be a new Jason but suffering from amnesia and with plastic surgery.

Burton eventually returned and the writers were trying to write him back into the story. They did it by making Miller’s character Jason’s long lost twin brother Drew, who was given Jason’s memories so he only remembers Jason’s life. Pretty random and very confusing, right?

Robin’s alien friend Casey

Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough) befriended an alien named Casey from planet Lumina who was on a mission to find a special crystal so he could go home. Luckily her mom Anna was a spy and, with the help of Frisco Jones, they stole the crystal from Faison and Casey got home.

To make matters even weirder, the alien got his name from seeing a file Robin’s mom had on a man named Casey, Roger S. The 1990 storyline lasted for a couple of months but when Robin finally brought Casey the final piece of the crystal, the alien frenzy ended.

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