Is First Things First cancelled? Worried fans miss hosts Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe

Bruno Cooke August 17, 2021
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Fans of First Things First, Fox Sports’ first sortie into early morning TV, are having to spend their mornings without Nick Wright and co-host Jenna Wolfe. Without official word of a vacation, audiences are wondering if First Things First has been cancelled – why is it not airing as normal?

Has First Things First been cancelled?

Fans have described their commute as “dead” and their morning schedule as “screwed up” in the absence of First Things First co-hosts Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe – so, where are they?

One answer comes from an audience member and Twitter user, who has stated that Nick and Jenna have gone on vacation for two weeks, starting yesterday. 

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If that holds true, they will be back on First Things First as normal on Monday 30 August.

However, neither Nick Wright nor Jenna Wolfe have indicated via their social media channels where they have gone, or specified for how long they will be gone. Also, TV Passport reckons the show will be back next Monday – see more details below.

When did they last go on vacation?

In mid June this year, another concerned audience member commented on Wolfe’s unexplained three-day absence. They promptly jumped to the conclusion that she had “left the show”.

But two days later, Jenna clarified the situation. She was just on vacation – and was back the following Monday morning. 

For some of the show’s audience members, the fact that Jenna’s co-hosts “didn’t have the courtesy to acknowledge” her “well deserved vaca” amounted to “disrespect”.

She also took a break around this time last summer. Jenna posted a photo of a beach identified by one of her fans as one of Rhode Island’s famous beaches. So, it could be that she has returned to Rhode Island for this year’s trip.

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Meanwhile, fellow Fox Sports host Joy Taylor (of The Herd, with Colin Cowherd) recently returned from her vacation on Italy’s Amalfi Coast.

When will First Things First go back to airing as normal?

So, First Things First is not cancelled – it is merely on vacation. 

This week’s Fox Sports live events and studio program schedule does not include any episodes of First Things First for the whole week. 

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However, according to TV Passport, next Monday (23 August), First Things First will be back on the air, starting at its regular time (07:30 ET), and running for two hours.

It therefore appears that Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe are each taking a one-week vacation from the show, and they will be back next Monday.

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