With the Finding Alice premiere right around the corner, fans are wondering: why is everyone talking about the “smart house”?

Finding Alice’s ‘gadget-filled’ house

Finding Alice follows Alice (Keeley Hawes) as she struggles to cope after the death of her husband, Harry. He dies by falling down the stairs of their new dream house.

Except it’s not just some ordinary house. Harry designed it himself. As a result, the dream house from Finding Alice has been variously described as an “uber modern high-tech smarthouse”, “weird and wonderful” and “gadget-filled”. 

Apparently, it’s “more useless than user-friendly”, and causes “much befuddlement”. For example, Alice is unable to open the garage doors without its architect, her husband.

From the show’s trailer:

“It’s a smart house.”
“Not that smart.”

Among other things, the house doesn’t have bannisters.


Red Production Company, which produced the show, also described the house in its initial press release as “impractical, and one more disorientation for Alice”.

However, producer Nicola Schindler said that the real life house was “a brilliant find” – it meant they didn’t have to build one from scratch.

Finding Alice filming locations – where is the Finding Alice house?

It is not clear where the exact location of the house is.

Stars of the show Keeley Hawes and Nigel Havers were seen filming in Epsom, in Surrey. ITV confirmed that they were indeed shooting for Finding Alice. 

According to SurreyLive, a production spokesperson also confirmed that “The production team and some members of the cast were filming some exterior scenes within a park which will appear in one of the later episodes.”

Meanwhile, ProductionList’s page on Finding Alice includes just one location: London.

Finding Alice premieres on Sunday 17 January at 9pm on ITV. Other cast members include Joanna Lumley, Sharon Rooney, Kenneth Cranham, Jason Merrells, Rhashan Stone and Gemma Jones.

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