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What is The Field Of Reeds in Moon Knight episode 5? Egyptian mythology explained

Darcy Rafter April 28, 2022
What is The Field Of Reeds in Moon Knight episode 5? Egyptian mythology explained


Episode 5 of Moon Knight takes audiences on a journey through the Egyptian underworld as they watch Marc and Steven travel through the afterlife named Duat. So, let’s explore what The Field Of Reeds is in Moon Knight and how it relates to Egyptian mythology.

The Egyptian gods are a focal point of Marvel’s Moon Knight. After all, Khonshu (F Murray Abraham) helped Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) become the hero he is today. Khonshu is the Egyptian god of the Moon and Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) is an extension of Ammit, a deity from the underworld who is everything ancient Egyptians fear.

Let’s break down what The Field Of Reeds is in Egyptian mythology and explore all the Egyptian gods featured in Moon Knight.

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Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight | Official Trailer | Disney+

Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight | Official Trailer | Disney+

What is The Field Of Reeds in Moon Knight episode 5?

In the conclusion of episode 5 we see Marc in The Field Of Reeds, a dream point for all Egyptians as an afterlife paradise. Egyptians saw The Field of Reeds as their dream world and they had to live a perfect life to secure a place there. However, the gods ultimately decide who is worthy of accessing the fields, which is shown in Moon Knight when Marc and Steven’s hearts are weighed on the Scales of Justice against the Feather of Truth.

The Duat acts as a purgatory between the afterlives souls must travel through before reaching their final destination. The Egyptian goddess of fertility, Taweret (Antonia Salib), leads Marc and Steven as they balance their hearts against the Scales of Justice. The consequence of being unable to achieve balance is they will be dragged into the sands of Duat by the other souls there, meaning they will never reach The Field Of Reeds.

Egyptian mythology explained

Steven sacrifices himself so the scales level and Marc can reach The Field Of Reeds. Does this mean Marc won’t be able to free Khonshu and stop Harrow’s cunning plan?

Ancient Egyptians believed if someone’s heart balanced against the feather, they would be allowed to reach The Field Of Reeds. Steven and Marc’s scales gradually stabilise in the episode as they confront their truths.

Every Egyptian god in Moon Knight

  • Khonshu – god of the moon
  • Ammit – deity from the underworld, guardian of a weapon known as the Sword of Bones. 
  • Tefnut – goddess of rain
  • Horus – god of the sky
  • Isis –  goddess of the moon and fertility
  • Osiris – god of the dead and fertility
  • Hathor – goddess of music and love
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