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Fans share theories on why they killed off Coco on Mayans MC

Shania Wilson May 11, 2022
Fans share theories on why they killed off Coco on Mayans MC
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Mayans MC fans were forced to say an emotional goodbye to Johnny “El Coco” Cruz (Richard Cabral), despite the character’s recent journey to sobriety.

In a sudden twist, Coco was killed by the Sons of Anarchy moments after a heartfelt conversation with girlfriend Hope.

Over on Twitter, fans of the show are trying to work out exactly why Mayans MC decided to kill off Coco, and have since aired their ideas and theories.

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Mayans M.C. | Death of the Virgin Trailer | FX

Mayans M.C. | Death of the Virgin Trailer | FX

Coco killed off on Mayans MC

It’s certainly an end of an era for FX show Mayans MC.

Season 4, episode 5 saw fan-favourite character Coco (Richard Cabral) meet a tragic end after the Sons of Anarchy got their hands on him.

Coco first appeared in the premiere of the series, which is a spin-off of Sons of Anarchy. In season 3, the character battled a drug addiction but finally got clean by season 4.

Cruz’s journey to sobriety only made his passing all the more sad for fans, and he met his death after overcoming his addiction.

Coco tells his girlfriend Hope he loves her before he’s killed.

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Why fans think Coco was killed off

Looking at Twitter, it’s clear Mayans MC fans didn’t expect Coco to be killed off, nor did they want him to be.

Actor Richard Cabral has yet to address his character’s exit, but TV fanatics have developed their own theories.

One person suggested Coco isn’t really dead at all. “I don’t think they’d actually kill off Coco. Let’s just see,” they tweeted.

Others pointed out Richard Cabral has some other projects in the works, according to his IMDb, and might have left to avoid scheduling conflicts.

“I think Richard Cabral is working on something else,” one fan wrote.

IMDb has Cabral credited for Maze Of Fate and The Night Between Us, which has just been announced.

TV fanatics crushed by Coco’s death

We can’t be sure why Coco was killed off but fans of Mayans MC are devastated by the character’s exit nonetheless.

In fact, as the episode aired, the phrase ‘not Coco’ trended on Twitter.

Some Twitter users are worried about what might happen to Coco’s girlfriend Hope, who lost her supermarket job after a physical altercation.

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