Evan Hofer went from being bullied over acne to claims he's too good looking to be goofy

Yasmine Leung August 9, 2022
Evan Hofer went from being bullied over acne to claims he's too good looking to be goofy

General Hospital newcomer Evan Hofer has opened up about how he was bullied during his teen years then told after becoming the handsome actor he is now that his personality “didn’t match” his appearance.

Hofer recently scored his first daytime gig on General Hospital and he can already name co-star Maurice Benard as a fan, with the pair’s bond coming through as the latter interviewed Hofer for his podcast.

The 25-year-old made his debut on the soap in May 2022 as Dex Heller and after his attempt to score a job with Sonny Corinthos, fans questioned his true intentions.

As a newbie, viewers were sceptical of another young addition to an already “bloated cast”, but Hofer has slowly become a favorite thanks to his on-screen chemistry with Mike and Kristina. That’s certainly a sign the former Disney star is here to stay.

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Evan Hofer was bullied during his teen years

The 25-year-old wasn’t always the centre of female attention, particularly during his younger years. Talking to Benard, who plays Corinthos, on his State Of Mind show, the young actor opened up about his teen experiences.

Since he suffered from terrible acne, he explained how he was a target for bullies, who also picked on him due to his short stature. What they didn’t know about were his two black belts in martial arts.

That didn’t mean he used violence to solve his problems. Admitting he doesn’t like fighting, Hofer claims the training taught him he had the “strength to stand up for myself, but I didn’t have to use it physically.”

People have a preconceived notion of his personality due to his appearance

He was just 15 years old during his first role in 2010’s TV movie Everyday Kid, so he was at the culmination of puberty. Once he overcame his teen years, the Modern Family actor was faced with another problem – his charming good looks.

Hofer is leading man material, but the GH star claims people found that his personality “didn’t match” his appearance. Hofer explained on the podcast: “I’ve always been a pretty goofy guy; I like to be funny and have fun. But I think the problem was especially with acting was once I grew out of that [teen acne phase], I look more like I do now and the goofy doesn’t really match what people had the preconceived notion of.

“They want me to act a certain way. I’m generally goofy, so it created a weird separation of ‘Do I stop being myself so much?'”

The actor would love to star in rom-coms and wacky comedies, but since the industry is “all about opportunity”, chances have yet to come by, so it’s likely that he’s offered gigs that aren’t as lighthearted due to his smouldering appearance.

“That kind of humour is not easy to have when you’re a good-looking guy,” daytime veteran Benard said.

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