Von Dutch's Escobar connection explored in new Hulu series

Darcy Rafter November 19, 2021
Von Dutch’s Escobar connection explored in new Hulu series
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Hulu has just released three-part docuseries The Curse Of Von Dutch: A Brand To Die For. It gives insights into the rise and fall of the brand but one name we didn’t expect to see crop up in the documentary is the Escobars.

Von Dutch was all the rage in the early 2000s and received celebrity endorsements from icons such as Paris Hilton and Kim K, who helped to boost the brand’s image and sales.

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The new Hulu series explored

Hulu’s new three-part docuseries, The Curse Of Von Dutch: A Brand To Die For, premiered yesterday (18 November). It goes behind the scenes of the Von Dutch label and its influence on Y2K fashion.

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Despite its fame, not many fans are familiar with the names behind the brand – Ed Boswell, Mike Cassel and Robert “Bobby” Vaughn.

It seems Von Dutch really took off when Tonny Sorensen started to invest in the company and French designer Christian Audigier started to design womenswear.

However, Von Dutch had an unknown darker past, according to the new documentary, which uncovers some unexpected connections and controversies. Let’s discover the Escobars role in the brand’s story.

Von Dutch’s Escobar connection explored

The trailer to the documentary hints people high up in the brand had ties with the Escobars and may have used the company to launder money. The trailer also mentions business with a woman associated with Pablo Escobar.

One of the main hints in the trailer comes from Vaughn, who suggests: “Fashion is the easiest (industry) to launder money.”

It seems things may have turned sour as the documentary reveals the brand’s owners received menacing threats from the family of Pablo Escobar.

The documentary alleges Sorensen found ways to make Cassel and Vaughn remove their stakes in the brand. Cassel and Vaughn soon turned on each other and started threatening each other.

According to the docuseries, Cassel even hired an accomplice of Pablo Escobar to visit the Von Dutch offices and threaten Vaughn. Whatever happened, Sorensen became sole owner of the company in 2002.

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The accusations certainly fly in this documentary. Why not watch it and make your own mind up who’s telling the truth?

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