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Eric Braeden admits what made him lose his cool on Young & Restless set

Darcy Rafter May 18, 2022
CBS' "Young And The Restless" Celebrates Eric Braeden's 40th Anniversary
Photo by Ella Hovsepian/Getty Images


The Young And The Restless star Eric Braeden was this week’s special guest on Maurice Benard’s State Of Mind podcast, which covers mental health. The pair reflected on their lives as soap opera stars and Braeden even admitted what made him lose his cool on the Y&R set.

Braeden is known for his legendary role as Victor Newman in the daytime soap drama and with more than 60 years of experience under his belt, he has a lot of tales to tell. Perhaps one of the most interesting tales is the time when he had a problem with how the filming of scenes was carried out.

Eric gives an insight into the behind-the-scenes drama on The Young And The Restless, making it a must-see State Of Mind episode. If you want to know one of the most interesting stories from the podcast, read on.

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Photo by Ella Hovsepian/Getty Images

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Eric Braeden admits what made him lose his cool on Y&R set

Towards the end of the podcast, Maurice Benard says they have to talk about Y&R as they have barely mentioned the soap. Benard begins by asking how Eric feels being at the top of his game in the soap world, to which Braeden replies he worked hard to earn his spot.

However, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows at Y&R. At first, he “loathed” the job due to the intensity and demand on-set; the amount of dialogue (shooting more than 100 pages a day); the speed; and “lack of respect with which they worked”.

The pinnacle thing that made him lose his cool, however, was when people on the set would count him down. After becoming frustrated by people counting down ‘321’ before a scene, Braeden remarked: “You look at me before you count down, you got that? I am on f****** screen not you. When I’m ready we go, is that clear?”

Braeden would also counter this by saying “are you kidding me? You look at me then we shoot” or “I don’t give a f*** about the technical stuff, we are on screen, our face is on screen, we are being judged – not you.”

Eric Braeden talks about the stigma surrounding soaps

Braeden also said he disapproved of people who worked in the industry having a “disdain for the medium”. He wants those people to realise working in daytime is “the hardest job for an actor to do”.

He thinks the stigma surrounding daytime television is based on “ignorance” and actors should embrace and respect their job in soaps. Braeden hailed Michelle Stafford and Mark Grossman as stand-out talents amid a vast canvas.

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