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How to get Eddie Munson’s iconic guitar pick necklace from Stranger Things 4

Bruno Cooke July 4, 2022
Eddie Munson actor Joseph Quinn in interview with Entertainment Online


Despite being a somewhat short-lived character, Eddie Munson has emerged as something of a fan favourite among Stranger Things acolytes, not least for his musical ability and guitar pick necklace.

The long-haired Hellfire Club leader “absolutely stole the show”, writes HITC. He made his debut in episode 1 of season 4 and “a heartthrob was born with his introductory scene”.

Eddie Munson shirts have been available to buy online since April, and now there are guitar pick necklaces to choose from as well.

Here are a few handy links for where to buy Eddie Munson’s iconic guitar pick necklace, and some pointers on what to do if you’d like to save money and make your own.

Source: YouTube screenshot [Stranger Things]

Eddie Munson’s iconic guitar pick necklace is available to buy online

They may not be from the official merch store, but if you want to get your hands on a necklace made out of a guitar pick, in the style of Eddie Munson, then look no further than Etsy.

At least three sellers are currently offering them to those living in the UK. Prices vary from £11 to £18.

For those in the US, there’s an Etsy seller for you, too. This vendor is selling Eddie Munson guitar pick necklaces in six different colours: blue, green, purple, orange and white. Black has sold out.

The item costs $18, or $20 if you want it on a cord. If this seems like a sensible price to pay for an item of jewellery – especially one that honours your favourite character from your favourite TV show, then this might be the one for you. But…

You can also get 20 necklaces for just $30 from AliExpress

Sunny Jewellery Wholesale is selling pendant necklaces in the style of Eddie Munson’s by the job lot.

Source: YouTube screenshot [Stranger Things]

Find them on AliExpress here. They ship from China. It’s worth noting that this price more accurately reflects the value of the raw materials.

If the necklace isn’t enough and you want to fully commit to the Eddie Munson look, there are at least two websites you should know about.

Costume Realm has a list of 10 items you can buy online in order to dress like Eddie. It includes a Hellfire Club T-shirt, a denim jacket with leather sleeves, and an exact match for his Casio W700 watch. Curiously, however, it doesn’t contain a guitar pick necklace like the one Eddie Munson wears.

And Halloween Costumes has a basic tops and bottoms Munson getup. It costs $50.

How to make an Eddie Munson guitar pick necklace yourself, from scratch

If the above seem too expensive or too many (who needs 20 identical necklaces?), you could always make your own Eddie Munson guitar pick necklace.

Source: YouTube screenshot [Stranger Things]

All you need, after all, is a guitar pick (aka a plectrum) and a chain. Guitar picks are cheap to buy individually or in bulk, online or in store. A thin chain needn’t set you back much.

Simply make a small hole in the plectrum, thread a small metal hoop through it, and pass the chain through the hoop. Hey presto, you’ve got yourself a homemade Eddie Munson guitar pick necklace.

This way, you can choose exactly how you want it to look. You’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing you made it, and bragging rights among friends who paid higher prices for theirs.

Other items of Munson merch to whet your whistle

You might not want to leave it at a necklace. At the same time, a full Eddie Munson costume might not be what you’re looking for. 

Well, good news. Look no further than Etsy for laptop stickers, underwear, and perhaps most bizarre of all, candles

Stranger Things 4 | Volume 2 Trailer | Netflix

Stranger Things 4 | Volume 2 Trailer | Netflix

“This candle smells like Eddie Munson”, claims Hampshire Candles, a manufacturer of candles supposedly scented with the fictional Stranger Things character. What scents does it contain? It doesn’t actually say.

Others do. Wonderwick sells a similar item, though says it won’t be able to ship its candles until July 11-13; VideoWicks sells an Eddie Munson candle with the words “plum and clove” on the front; and finally, Cool Girl Candles sells a This Smells Like Eddie Munson candle, which apparently contains the following scents: lavender, citrus, violet petals, cedar leaf, pine, moss, clary sage, and vetiver. 

Does it really smell like Eddie? You be the judge.

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