What is the latest eBay advert song of 2020? Every couple of months eBay releases an advert under the theme togetherness and family. So it makes sense the company has chosen one of the most wholesome-sounding songs for its latest one.

Although eBay hasn’t revealed a video for the advert yet, the song has been released.

The new eBay advert song of 2020 is none other than Come And Get Your Love by Redbones, from their album Wovoka.

The song regained popularity after the release of Marvel movie Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014). The song featured on Awesome Mix Vol.1, the soundtrack to the film.

The intro to Guardians Of The Galaxy features the song:

eBay advert song 2020

Redbones originally released the song in 1974. The band was founded by brothers Pat and ‘Lolly’ Vegas, who are of Native American descent.

The original music video focuses on significant events throughout Native American history.

An homage to Redbones cultural history?

The song reached number 5 on the Billboard pop chart.

If you’re anything like me, at the beginning of the song you hear “hey”. We’re wrong, though, it’s “hail”!

The lyrics of the song can be read here.

Songfacts says: “You’re not likely to forget the title of this song. The chorus is comprised of the same line, “come and get your love”, repeated four times.

The verses are very compact, so after two minutes we’ve already heard the first two verses and two chorus repetitions. The song then goes into a bridge, which repeats variations on the chorus:

Come and get your love
Come and get your love
Come and get your love now

This song is the perfect choice for eBay’s new advert, hinting at the idea it sells items filled with love and wholesomeness. Something we could all do with during these dark times.

Previous adverts

Let’s have a look at some of eBay’s past adverts with the recurring theme of togetherness. The taglines are written below:

“Across eBay thousands of small businesses are helping to keep the nation going. They are individually brilliant. Stronger as one.”.
“Two families go from sentimentality to joy thanks to e-Bay.”.
“Enables you to keep life moving – whatever happens.”.

With eBay’s impeccable song choice, it hopes viewers will be drawn to the screens as soon as the song starts playing. As the advert hasn’t yet been released to the public, we can’t say if it will be any good.

However, feedback has been great so far from one Twitter user:

You can read interesting facts about the song here.

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