Is Dumbo Hall a real place? In an attempt to introduce Zoya to her friends, Julien invites her to hang out with her crew at Dumbo Hall, where teenagers drink Martinis. But is Dumbo Hall, the “it” venue from the Gossip Girl world, even real?

XOXO, it’s the reboot of Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl isn’t about the teens we know or the teens we were, but the teens we want to see on TV: perfectly dressed, with silky skin and played by 28-year-olds.

Does the Gossip Girl reboot achieve that? Flawlessly. The cast is probably the best-looking group of TV “teens” you’ve seen in a while.

HBO Max’s Gossip Girl Trailer | The CW

HBO Max’s Gossip Girl Trailer | The CW

Will the new GG reach the standards of the 2007 series? It will try to.

The show tells the story of queen bee Julien and her posse of rich and posh friends, who basically own their school and everyone on them.

However, the arrival of one student, Zoya, threatens to shift the tide.

Julien and Zoya are half-sisters, and to everyone’s surprise they aren’t nearly as estranged as their feuding fathers (and everyone else) believes them to be.

In fact, they have been in communication for years and even plotted Zoya’s move from Buffalo to New York City so they could be closer to one another.

And because Gossip Girl isn’t the same without Kristen Bell narrating the brutal comments of the omnipresent persona, this time around you’re in for a twist: the faculty are in on it.

That’s right, behind the Gossip Girl Instagram page is a group of four teachers set on taking down the school’s royalty.

Is Gossip Girl’s Dumbo Hall a real place?

At the core of the Gossip Girl reboot is the secret-sister plot, which Julien decides to make as unnecessarily complicated as possible.

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Instead of giving Zoya her explicit validation as a family member, Julien gives her a cool pair of shoes, and then invites Zoya – a 14-year-old! – to hang out with her crew at Dumbo Hall that night.

But is Dumbo Hall a real place? Not really.

According to Untapped New York, Dumbo Hall doesn’t really exist but is clearly inspired by Dumbo House, the Brooklyn location of Soho House that’s located in Empire Stores.

The party isn’t filmed at Dumbo House (hence the name change) and appears to be a set.

Where was Gossip Girl filmed?

If you’re a New Yorker – or if you’ve seen your share of movies shot at the city that never sleeps – you ought to recognise some of the locations that appear on Gossip Girl.

The Constance Billard School and St Jude’s, the elite school our teens go to, is actually The Museum of the City of New York.

Another famous filming location in the original Gossip Girl is the “Met steps”, the lunch spot for the cool kids of Constance Billard, which is back in the reboot.

Finally, the fashion show that takes place in the first episode was shot at the Park Avenue Armory.

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