Does Zendaya actually sing in Euphoria?

Darcy Rafter January 10, 2022
Does Zendaya actually sing in Euphoria?
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The final episode of Euphoria left plenty of loose ends ready for season 2 to pick up, but fans are also curious to know more about Rue and her vocal talents. Emmy Award winner Zendaya returns as the lead role for the second season of the hit HBO drama, so, read on to find out what fans are desperate to know.

Euphoria Season 2 premiered on HBO Max yesterday (Sunday, 9 January) at 9pm ET/PT. In the run-up to the premiere, many fans binge-watched season 1 to recap on the narrative. After all, it has been ages since summer 2019 when season 1 aired. It seems some fans had forgotten about the surprise in the finale, leading many to wonder whether Zendaya actually sings.

So let’s find out more about the question everyone wants answers to: does Zendaya actually sing in Euphoria?

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Does Zendaya sing in Euphoria?

Yes, Zendaya does sing in the finale – she collabs with Labrinth on All For Us in the conclusion of season 1 of Euphoria.

British singer-songwriter Labrinth acted as Euphoria’s lead composer, creating a musical track that became an imperative soundscape for the cinematic piece.

The Euphoria season 1 finale saw Jules left distraught while Rue seemingly relapses. Fans were shocked when Rue broke out into a sombre song after being dragged from her bed. As she stumbles around her house grabbing on to her mother and sister, the song accurately reflects her position. She is then crowd-surfed by a gospel choir and ventures out on to the streets at night before climbing a pyramid of their bodies. Eventually, she falls into the night sky.

Part of the song has been heard by viewers throughout the series but, during the finale, the full version can be heard. HBO’s Euphoria wrapped up its eighth episode and season finale with the song’s mellow vocals and deep chants.

Fans instantly became obsessed by the track, streaming it on Spotify, Pandora and YouTube. The question at the forefront of everyone’s mind is, will Zendaya sing again in Euphoria season 2?

What happened to Zendaya’s music career?

You may remember Zendaya from her Disney days when she was frequently singing and dancing on Shake It Up. In 2013, she dropped her self-titled debut album, which was a success, but from there it seems her singing career has been put on hold.

Aside from small singing features in countless movie and TV productions, her acting credits certainly outweigh her singing ones. However, Zendaya is undoubtedly talented in the singing department, her duet of Rewrite The Stars with Zac Efron accompanied their acting roles in The Greatest Showman, which was a huge hit among fans.

Considering her chock-a-block schedule, she’s likely to be too busy to release album after album. However, Zendaya has revealed the real reason she has put her music career on hold.

In an interview with A Sip w/ Issa Rae, Zendaya explained: “I stepped away from music on purpose because of bad contracts, to be honest with you.”

Zendaya also thinks the acting industry allows a lot more privacy. “Acting allows for a character for people to fall in love with,” Zendaya revealed. “But also for my own anonymity and a life of my own, which music doesn’t really afford. When you’re a music artist, it’s your face all the time. It’s you. So that’s another thing. That kind of scared me about music – it’s like not really being able to have as much of a life.”

Fans beg Zendaya to sing in Euphoria season 2

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