Does Tessa Porter really sing on The Young And The Restless?

Darcy Rafter October 14, 2021
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The Young And The Restless fans have heard Tessa aka Cait Fairbanks belt out some outstanding songs. Leading viewers to wonder does she really sing or is it all an act?

When Tessa Porter joined The Young And The Restless cast in 2017 she was an aspiring musician with a mysterious past.

She may blackmail people and have a knack for lying, but she has an incredible voice, and it seems she could get away with murder.

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The Young and the Restless – #1 Daytime Drama for 25 Years!

The Young and the Restless – #1 Daytime Drama for 25 Years!

Does Tessa Porter really sing?

Yes, Tessa Porter from the CBS daytime soap The Young And The Restless does actually sing.

She is known professionally as Cait Fairbanks and aside from being an American actress, she is also a singer-songwriter.

In the show, Tessa was initially homeless and played the guitar for change outside Crimson Lights. Nikki hired her to give her grandson, Reed, guitar lessons. Along with making her a personal assistant and inviting her to move in.

Tessa got signed to a label through Devon but she had to come up with another hit or she could be dropped. She even stole Mariah’s journal to use as words for lyrics to a new song. Noah found out that Tessa and Mariah had kissed which resulted in him kicking Tessa out of his apartment. Devon also dropped Tessa from the label.

Tessa is now in a relationship with Mariah Copeland and although they have had a rocky past, things seemed to be going well as Mariah even became Tessa’s agent. Tessa often goes to the Alzheimer’s facility to sing, and Chancellor Park so we are sure to hear her sing a lot more.

Tessa and Mariah are currently in a disagreement over children and now that Noah is making a return, things are bound to get more complex. Fans are even wondering if Noah and Tessa will get back together.

The voice behind The Young And The Restless star

Caitlin Elizabeth Baunoch (Fairbanks) was born on July 29th, 1993 making her 28 years old. The Michigan native was born and raised in southern California. She started acting at 8-years old; since then she caught the bug for the stage and screen.

Her credits include a theatre production of Heathers: The Musical, as well as the 13 musical which showcased in L.A. Cait Fairbanks has been in over 20 theatre productions, but she also has a love for television. Her TV credits include Two and a Half Men, KC Undercover, and The Middle.

Fairbanks is a talented musician who writes music and sings; she can also play the piano and guitar.

More recently she released music under the name Ginesse, rather than her own name. She changed her social media handles such as Twitter accordingly.

On her YouTube channel, she has released both “Echoes” and “Digging My Own Grave.” Be sure to give them a listen if you already love her voice from the show!

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