The highly-anticipated second season of Outer Banks has finally landed on Netflix on Friday, 30 July 2021.

The drama series follows teenager John B and his three best friends in a classic tale of haves and have-nots. The group are colloquially known as the “Pogues,” who come up against their island’s wealthy seasonal residents, known as the “Kooks.”

Those who tuned into the first season will be well-acquainted with the drama’s lack of happy endings. In fact, it is the show’s villains who often find success, to the frustration of the audience.

If you’re tuning into the ten-episode second season, you might have your fingers crossed that Rafe Cameron (played by Drew Starkey) will be killed off. Let’s explore what happens to the character in season 2.

*spoiler alert* Outer Banks season 2 will be talked about in detail, so read on if you’re prepared for spoilers.

Outer Banks 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Outer Banks 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Does Rafe die in Outer Banks?

No. Since the first season premiered in April 2020, viewers have been wanting Rafe Cameron’s character to be gone from the series – be it that he dies or is removed by other means.

One viewer tweeted in frustration: “I need Rafe to die or be put in jail along with his psycho dad!”

Another added: “Can we all agree that Rafe needs to die”

Rafe Cameron’s character does not die in the second season of Outer Banks. He remains a central antagonist to the Pogues, conspiring with his father, Ward, to steal the gold.

What happens to Rafe next

Rafe manages to escape justice in Outer Banks season 2. We all, including the characters, know that Rafe was the one who murdered Sheriff Peterkin, but Rafe doesn’t get caught or charged for his crimes.

Season 2 ends with the Camerons having the upper hand. This will only add flames to the fire for viewers who despise Rafe and Ward!

The Cameron family end up with the half-a-billion dollar Cross of Santo Domingo and the gold treasure. Does this mean a potential third season will see the Pogues attempt to steal the treasure back? As they end the season stranded on a deserted beach island, they’ve got a long journey ahead of them, either way.

So, who dies in season 2?

Unfortunately, many Outer Banks characters are on the chopping block in the second season.

Gavin (Adam Vernier) is tragically killed by the show’s villain, Ward Cameron (Charles Esten). Ward beats up Gavin after discovering he has the gun Rafe used to kill Sheriff Peterkin. The fight turns severe as Ward fatally shoots Gavin. He enlists the help of Rafe to discard Gavin’s body.

Renfield (Jesse C. Boyd) also dies in season 2. He is killed by his half-sister Carla (Elizabeth Mitchell), as she tries to hold onto the Cross of Santo Domingo. 

John B’s romantic interest Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) is pronounced dead during season 2, after being shot by her brother Rafe, although John B revives her with CPR.

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