Does Netflix have all of Hunter x Hunter now? Seasons 5 and 6 now streaming

Bruno Cooke August 2, 2021
Does Netflix have all of Hunter x Hunter now? Seasons 5 and 6 now streaming


Fans of anime series Hunter x Hunter will be delighted to know the last two seasons have just arrived on Netflix, following a rescheduling that took place three weeks ago – is it all on Netflix now? And will there be another season of Hunter x Hunter, or is it all over?

Does Netflix have all of Hunter x Hunter?

The last two seasons of Hunter x Hunter (2011) – seasons 5 and 6 – were supposed to arrive on Netflix on 1 July. 

However, when July rolled around and they were nowhere to be seen, fans of the show were understandably perplexed.

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Fortunately though, the extra wait wasn’t too long. Hunter x Hunter’s last two seasons landed yesterday, meaning the whole series is now available on Netflix.

What is Hunter x Hunter rated?

Parents may be interested to know that Hunter x Hunter is rated 16+ by Netflix officials

This, despite its official DVD and TV rating in the US being TV 14. One episode has a TV-MA rating, while a few others have a TV-PG rating.

It contains images of blood, violence, murder and, among other things, a male wolf wearing an outfit that exposes his buttocks.

For viewers in the UK, different episodes have different ratings – the majority being 12. Some are PG or 15. IMDB has a detailed guide to the potentially sensitive content of the show.

Darwin’s Game | Official Trailer

Darwin’s Game | Official Trailer

Will there be another season of Hunter x Hunter?

No. There will be no more new seasons of the 2011 run of Hunter x Hunter – unfortunately, for fans of the show – barring some great revelation, as it ceased production in 2014.

The anime series ran for six seasons, from 2011 to 2014. However, the manga on which it is based is still believed by many to be technically ongoing. 

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Source: YouTube [The Art of Animation]

It has undergone numerous protracted hiatuses – including its most recent, which started in December 2018

The manga series’ creator, Yoshihiro Togashi, suffers from chronic debilitating back pain, which has forced him to stop work in the past. He has written about the pain it causes him – see below.

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