Does Gilgamesh die in Eternals? Marvel character's fate revealed

Darcy Rafter January 13, 2022
Does Gilgamesh die in Eternals? Marvel character’s fate revealed
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Eternals arrived on Disney+ yesterday (12 January) and fans are already curious to know the fate of the Marvel characters. Let’s discover whether Gilgamesh dies in Marvel’s Eternals.

***Spoilers alert***

Eternals isn’t the classic Marvel movie, as we all know creators are usually hesitant to kill off beloved characters. Shockingly, three Eternals characters die across the three-hour movie – and fans won’t believe who one of them is.

Read on as we reveal the characters’ fate as the race of immortal beings with extraordinary powers face the evil Deviants.

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Does Gilgamesh die in Eternals?

Yes, Gilgamesh is killed off because, when the Eternals reunite, he sacrifices himself in the battle against the Deviants in a heroic move to protect Thena.

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Eternals director Chloé Zhao told Empire Online why Gilgamesh’s death was crucial to the development of Thena’s character.

“She had no choice but to embrace her vulnerability, her messiness,” Zhao explained. “Before she had Gilgamesh and he gave her the most important thing: ‘remember, you have it in yourself’. She can’t fight it with fire, she’s got to let that water come in. Thena needed to lean into the soft side of her and remember the memories that are going to heal her. This was written in the treatment, but losing Gilgamesh is a tough thing for the whole group.”

Thena suffers from Mahd Wy’ry, an illness that causes her to lose memories. Gilgamesh decides to protect Thena so she can keep her memories – but it’s a risky move. Ajak warns this could result in them attacking Gilgamesh but he takes the risk to save her life.

The leader of the Eternals, Ajak, was also killed by a Deviant and it was later revealed Ikaris sacrificed her. This means Gilgamesh wasn’t the first Eternal to die as Ajak is introduced in the present-day narrative as though he is already dead.

Who is Gilgamesh from the Eternals?

Gilgamesh is described as “the strongest and kindest member of the community of genetically engineered Eternals who came to Earth”.

Gilgamesh was built and programmed by Arishem the Judge and was sent to planets to protect life forms from the Deviants. When finishing their mission, the Eternals are sent back to the World Forge to have their memories erased and reset.

Marvel fans react to Thena and Gilgamesh characters

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