Did Netflix remove Gossip Girl from its streaming platform? Many of us were happy to see 2020 disappear into a cloud of smoke, but we didn’t expect cult classic show Gossip Girl to vanish with it. We take a look at where to watch Gossip Girl in 2021 and whether there’s any truth to the Netflix rumours.

Did Netflix remove Gossip girl?

Sad but true, Gossip Girl is no longer available on Netflix.

All six seasons have been removed from Netflix starting on 1 January 2021.

Fans will have to look elsewhere for their teen drama fix. Other hit shows such as Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries have also been removed.

Where to watch Gossip Girl in 2021

The show has been moved to HBO Max, a streaming service only available in the US at the moment.

UK viewers can still watch all six seasons of Gossip Girl on Amazon Prime, for the spicy price of £15.99 a season.

Gossip Girl fans can also buy the series on iTunes or YouTube for a similar price.

The move to HBO Max may be to do with the Gossip Girl reboot, which is set to drop on the WarnerBros streaming service. Kristen Bell is rumoured to be returning as the voice of ‘Gossip Girl’, with a whole new cast to replace the beloved 2000s version.

Twitter Reactions

Many gossip girl fans were heartbroken at the news their favourite series is leaving Netflix.

Others have found other shows to fill the Gossip Girl-shaped void in their lives.

We hope everyone gets their Gossip Girl fix this 2021.

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