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Who is Diane Ducharme, mentioned in Tiger King's The Doc Antle Story?

Molly Young December 13, 2021

After Tiger King swept the internet in 2020 and had everyone interested in big-cat breeding, Netflix has now released Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story. The docuseries premiered on 10 December 2021 and social media is already interested in the life of Bhagavan “Doc” Antle.

Aside from the exploration of his private zoo, big-cat enthusiast Doc Antle’s relationships are also mentioned in the new documentary. Meet his former wife Radha Hirsch and her mother, Diane Ducharme.

Who is Diane Ducharme and why was she so concerned about her daughter’s marriage to Doc Antle?

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Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story | Official Trailer | Netflix

Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who is Diane Ducharme in Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story?

Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story is a three-part series that examines the life of Doc Antle, also known as Bhagavan, a big cat enthusiast who runs a private zoo in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Doc Antle appeared alongside Joe Exotic in the first Tiger King film, which aired in 2020 during the coronavirus lock-down.

The second episode of the new docuseries, entitled The Great Escape, presents Doc Antle’s former wife Radha Hirsch as she claims she started a relationship with him at age 14.

Diane Ducharme is then introduced as Radha Hirsch’s mother, speaking about her impression of Bhagavan and explaining her views surrounding her daughter’s relationship.

Ducharme reminisces about the first times her daughter met the tiger trainer. Diane explains everyone looked up to Bhagavan and she never had any indication of anything amiss and never worried about it for a moment.

Radha’s mother reportedly moved around a lot, meaning her daughter would often stay with different families at the Yogaville ashram.

Meet her daughter, Radha Hirsch

Diane Ducharme’s daughter Radha, previously named Ursula Astroff, spent many weekends at Doc Antle’s house since her mother was often away and she became Doc Antle and Betsy Rogers’ babysitter.

After finding out Radha was romantically involved with Doc Antle, Diane flew her daughter out of Virginia and enrolled her in a Catholic high school.

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However, one day Radha left for school and never returned, she had eloped with Doc Antle. By falsifying Radha’s father’s signature on the marriage certificate, Radha and Doc eventually married. Radha was 15 years old at the time, and Doc was about 26.

However, The Cinemaholic claims that when Radha was 17 years old, she waited for a day when Doc was at work and packed her belongings before driving to California with a friend. She appears to have kept a low profile since.

More about Diane Ducharme

Following her interview clips in Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story, many viewers were curious to find out more about Radha’s mother.

Apart from her role in the recent Netflix documentary, there seems to be a lack of information surrounding Diane Ducharme online.

Recent rumours surfaced claiming she had passed away but this remains speculation as there has been no confirmation by a trusted source close to Diane or Radha.

The rumours could be debunked by her appearance on the documentary, which premiered on 10 December 2021.

The web also contains information surrounding another individual of the same name, Diane Ducharme Gardner. Despite some confusion, this is not the same person as seen in Netflix’s The Doc Antle Story.

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