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Diana The Musical soundtrack shines as show hits Netflix to mixed reviews

Darcy Rafter October 1, 2021
Diana The Musical soundtrack shines as show hits Netflix to mixed reviews

Diana: The Musical has hit Netflix to mixed reviews before resuming shows on Broadway. One thing that has been a success, nevertheless, is the soundtrack.

Due to the pandemic, Diana: The Musical has been on standstill for more than a year. However, if you’re missing the theatre this stage-to-screen production is one to watch.

Here is the soundtrack for Diana: The Musical and some of the varying reviews on the Netflix show.

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Diana The Musical soundtrack


1. Prologue
2. Underestimated
3. The Worst Job In England
4. This Is How Your People Dance
5. Snap, Click
6. Whatever Love Means Anyway
7. I Will
8. The World Fell In Love
9. Happiness/Simply Breathe
10. She Moves In The Most Modern Ways
11. Diana (The Rage)
12. As I Love You
13. I Miss You Most On Sundays
14. Pretty, Pretty Girl


15. Here Comes James Hewitt
16. Him And Her (And Him And Her)/Just Dance
17. Secrets And Lies
18. The Main Event
19. Whatever Love Means Anyway (Reprise)
20. Pretty, Pretty Girl (Reprise)
21. The Words Came Pouring Out
22. The Dress
23. An Officer’s Wife
24. If (Light The World)

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Netflix show gets mixed reviews

The show, which premiered today (1 October) on Netflix, had started performances on Broadway just before covid closed theatres in New York.

The production was filmed without an audience and was released on Netflix before it finally returns to Broadway in November.

The show was given 1/5 stars by The Guardian and was described as a “right royal debacle so bad you’ll hyperventilate”.

The Evening Standard also gave it 1/5 and commented: “This shlocky Broadway show’s a non-starter.”

Express thought it had “no more value than a tea towel with Diana’s head on it” and also labelled it “pathetic”!

Joe DiPietro responds to mixed reviews

The musical was written by Joe DiPietro with the help of Bon Jovi keyboard player David Bryan. Regarding scepticism from the British Press, DiPietro responded:

“I never approached this as a campy show. We never approached it as a critique of Diana. We also never approached it as just a love letter. To us, it’s really about an extraordinary and important woman of the last century who made a lasting impact.

“It’s an exploration of her life. I hope in the show there are no villains, and it’s really three people trying to manoeuvre through this unique situation.

“And also we never see Harry or William, because I felt that was a little exploitative. They’re obviously talked about and discussed, but they don’t come on at the end.

“That to me is cheap and cheesy, which is something we’ve worked hard not to make this musical.”

Fans react to Diana: The Musical

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