Days' Carson Boatman steps into casual cowboy vibes on yurt adventure

Darcy Rafter October 6, 2022
Days' Carson Boatman steps into casual cowboy vibes on yurt adventure
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Days Of Our Lives’ Carson Boatman is channeling ultimate cowboy vibes on a recent yurt adventure as it appears he is stepping into the wild, wild west folks!

Recently on Days, Boatman’s character Johnny DiMera has been keen to win over Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun). He wants all the help he can get, although, we’re not sure asking his ex-wife who’s clearly still in love with him is the best idea. Let’s hope Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens) can pull it out of the bag this time around.

Let’s take a look at Boatman’s most recent Instagram as he shares his ‘casual cowboy’ look with the world.

Photo by Michael Bezjian/Getty Images for Mammoth Media Institute

Days’ Carson Boatman steps into casual cowboy vibes

Carson Boatman shared a photo of himself outside a yurt with a cowboy hat and a checkered shirt. The actor had a stick in hand to throw for his dog, Willie, who was standing beside him with a blue neckerchief on.

On his most recent trip, Boatman was visiting Aspen Colorado with his furry friend and wife, Julana Dizon. However, this isn’t the first time he has channeled his inner cowboy…

In the caption, Boatman wrote, “The Casual Cowboy” to which his Days co-star Lucas Adams responded “Ah yes, the notorious Casboy! 🤠” To which Carson wrote, “hmmm. Yes, notorious, indeed. 🧐”

Fans also flooded the comments section praising Boatman for his cowboy look with many complimenting his hat. One user even wrote, “Where’s the hat from?” to which Carson revealed he had bought it from a luxury western goods shop called Kemo Sabe.

The hilarious flannel shirt saga

In a hilarious lip-synch video posted to Instagram Dizon asks Boatman what he is bringing on their trip. This leads to him explaining that flannel shirts can be worn in any scenario, even if they’re missing a couple of buttons. The flannel he shows in the video is the same one he is wearing for his “Casual cowboy” look so it is definitely a personal favorite.

He then explains that his blue jeans are perfect for any occasion so all he needs is them and a couple of t-shirts. Fans commented that this back and forth between the couple is a common conversation in their household too as there is always an under-packer and an over-packer. Although Carson explains in the caption it is “One thing we’ll never understand about each other.” After all, the couple has been together a while and recently celebrated their first anniversary as husband and wife which was on July 23.

Despite not understanding her packing decisions Johnny’s portrayer shared his appreciation for Dizon: “These last five years with Julana have honestly been the best years that I’ve had so far,” he told People when they wed. “I love spending every day with her, and I’m just looking forward to spending the rest of my days with her. “Just doing life with Julana,” he concluded, “is what I’m looking forward to.”

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