Is the Curse Of Civil War Gold cancelled? The History channel show is full of intrigue and mystery and many fans are waiting anxiously for season 3. In the absence of any news about the show’s future, speculation has begun that the Curse Of Civil War Gold might even be cancelled. Is this true? Let’s find out.

What is The Curse of Civil War Gold?

The show is a treasure-hunting documentary series that follows Marty Lagina (a millionaire who owns a large portion of Oak Island) and his team in looking for lost civil war gold and artefacts.

The description on the History channel states: “A few months ago, Marty learned of a mystery that rivals that of Oak Island when he was introduced to Kevin Dykstra, a fellow Michigan man. Dykstra along with his brothers James and Mark, is obsessed with a story of a national treasure that goes back to the Civil War.”  

Dykstra believes that a gold hoard worth around $140 million dollars is hidden near Oak Island. This is all based on the dying confession of a lighthouse keeper almost 100 years ago.


This show is a spin-off from parent show The Curse of Oak Island.

Is the Curse Of Civil War Gold cancelled?

It has not been confirmed in a press release that the show will return for season 3. The last season aired in April 2019 and the show is pending renewal but it also has not been officially cancelled.

However, show runners have confirmed on Facebook that “The season does plan to continue at some other time. No update on that time.”

This could have something to do with production issues due to the covid-19 pandemic. The producers have said that as soon as they know a release date they will let fans know.

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