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Where CSI NY cast is now – diaper bag empire to star's vow as single dad

Darcy Rafter June 30, 2022
CSI: NY Cocktail Party
Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

The television franchise CSI is a firm fan favourite and CSI: New York is one of the three spin-offs of popular series CSI: Las Vegas.

The characters worked at the New York Crime Lab and had a roller-coaster ride over the course of the series, which ran from 2004 to 2013.

The stars of the show left an imprint on CSI lovers’ hearts, who may still be wondering what the CSI: New York cast is up to in 2022.

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Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Carmine Giovinazzo – Danny Messer

Carmine Giovinazzo’s detective Danny Messer was on CSI: NY throughout the show’s run.

Although he is known as an accomplished actor, Giovinazzo is also a keen musician. Since leaving the show he has focused on his music career and is currently lead vocalist in the band Ceesau.

Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for The Lopez Foundation

Anna Belknap – Lindsay Monroe

Anna Belknap spent nine years playing Detective Lindsay Monroe on CBS drama CSI: NY.

She has since appeared in The Handler, Medical Investigation, Transparent, How To Get Away With Murder, and Hawaii 5-0. She has also starred in films such as Alchemy and No Way Jose.

Anna currently lives in LA with husband Eric Siegel and their two children and has also joined the Oregon Symphony Orchestra.

Photo by Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Melina Kanakaredes – Stella Bonasera

Melina Kanakaredes was part of the original cast of CSI: NY, playing Stella Bonasera until she left after season 6.

More recently, Melina Kanakaredes is set to star in a new TV show based on Temo’s Candy Co, which is her family’s chocolate shop. The historic shop closed last year after almost 75 years in Five Points, Manhattan.

Photo by Getty Images/Bob Riha, Jr.

Eddie Cahill – Donald Flack Jr

Eddie Cahill was a lead on CSI: NY throughout all 197 episodes of the show, playing the beloved Detective Don Flack until the show’s cancellation in 2013. He is now married to Nikki Uberti, a model and make-up artist.

He has had a steady acting career since his departure and appeared in TV series Under the Dome, Conviction and LA’s Finest.

Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images

AJ Buckley – Adam Ross

AJ Buckley played Adam Ross on the show. He was the nerdy crime lab technician from 2005 to 2013. He then became Navy SEAL Sonny Quinn on television series SEAL Team.

Buckley also runs Paperclip, a diaper bags business with his wife, Abigail Ochse. Buckley told CBS Watch Magazine about his side job: “When I told my [fiancée] what I was planning, she looked at me like I was nuts.

“Never in my life did I think I’d one day be playing a Navy SEAL on TV while selling diaper bags on the side.”

Photo by Erik Voake/CBS via Getty Images

Gary Sinise – Mac Taylor

Lead actor Gary Sinise appeared in all 197 episodes of the show as Mac Taylor, head of the New York Crime Lab.

Sinise is otherwise known as Lieutenant Dan Taylor from Forrest Gump, for which he was nominated for an Oscar. Today, he heads the Gary Sinise Foundation, which raises money for the military and first responders.

Sinise also takes part in concerts for veterans as part of the Lt Dan Band and builds specially equipped houses for wounded soldiers.

Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Hill Harper – Sheldon Hawkes

Hill Harper was another OG cast member on CSI: NY, playing Dr Sheldon Hawkes until the finale. Harper’s good looks were certainly appreciated on the show and he was even on People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” list in 2004 and 2013.

Since leaving the show he has launched the world’s first black-owned digital wallet, creating a digital revolution with The Black Wall Street DigitalWallet.

Harper has also adopted a child, Pierce, and is raising his son as a single father. “I always thought I was going to get married, have my own kids, and I was going to adopt,” he told “Good Morning America.”

Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic
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