Courtney Hope’s brother, DJ, passed away just before his 30th birthday and her family was left heartbroken by the news. The Bold And The Beautiful actress has opened up with fans about the tragic death…

Courtney Hope plays Sally Spectra, a favoured fashion designer in Genoa City. Her character is the grand-niece of Bold and Beautiful icon and namesake Sally Spectra, portrayed by Darlene Conley.

Anyone with an older brother will know their unconditional love, teasing and bond is like no other. For Courtney Hope, it is something she treasures deeply as the actress reminisces on memories with her late brother.

How did Courtney Hope’s brother pass away?

Hope opened up about the family tragedy whilst on a State Of Mind episode.

“My brother fell off a cliff when he was probably around 25, 26. He was stargazing and he fell and broke every bone in his body,” she told Maurice Benard, who portrays Sonny on General Hospital.

Courtney then opened up about her older brother’s struggle with addiction when he was younger. Therefore, following the accident, he was put on a plethora of painkillers.

Courtney Hope added: “He got addicted to painkillers and then just eventually—they don’t know if it was that or he relapsed with something else.”

Hope revealed that the real tragedy after the cliff accident came a couple of years later, “but they found him, and he was 29. And it was really hard for our family.”

Courtney Hope’s touching tribute to her brother

Courtney Hope’s brother passed away over 20 years ago, but the soap opera star feels him guide her through every step of life. The actress often pays tribute to her brother on the 28th of October every year, as it marks DJ’s birthday. This year, in 2022, it would have been his 50th birthday.

On her brother’s 48th birthday, Hope posted on Instagram explaining how the loss completely shifted her outlook on life.

She wrote: “Losing him changed my entire life instantly and shifted my perspective on loss, love, pain, truth, and enjoying life to the fullest younger than I ever imagined.”

“It’s been 19 years [since he passed away] but the memory still feels like yesterday,” the actress adds.

“I know he’s always guiding me and my family into healing, health, and happiness because he wouldn’t settle for anything less. He’s the reason I dance so intensely, laugh the hardest, feel so deeply, and express my most authentic self — because that’s how he lived.”

Hope feels as though she lives by her brother’s example as she reflects on everything he taught her. The star penned: “He taught me how to appreciate the little things in life, how to do the worm, how to love punk rock and be a goofball, amongst many things.”

Hope then encouraged people to hug their family and keep their loved ones close, “Keep an eye on them,” she notes.

“Reach out even when you think they don’t need you, they may. Never go to bed angry. And never miss an opportunity to say I love you because tomorrow is not promised. Until the next life, I’ll see you in my dreams #DannyBoy.”

The tribute touched many of her followers, as fans and co-stars flooded her comments section with love and support. Ashley Jones who plays Bridget on Bold and Beautiful commented “❤️❤️ oh my, Your brother is making us all emotional today. He lives on through you… until you meet again. 🙏🏻.”

A fan also shared her personal story of losing a sibling and gave hope to the actress. They wrote: “You will meet your brother again and so will I see my siblings. What a day that will be!!” Courtney Hope responded to the message of supporting trying to remain optimistic, “❤️ my heart is with you! And yea! One day we may all meet again 🙌🏼”

If you’ve been affected by this story you can contact American Addiction Centers on (877) 686-7688 or Talk To Frank on 0300 123 6600 in the UK.

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