Who is The Rookie's Chastity, actress Meg DeLacy?

Darcy Rafter November 2, 2021
Who is The Rookie’s Chastity, actress Meg DeLacy?
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Fans of The Rookie are desperate to know who the strong and independent actress behind Chastity is. So let’s find out more about Meg DeLacy.

Chastity plays the stripper in an episode on the show, she is a smart and thoughtful character. She even ran iron man races and had some great advice for Nolan about Grace.

When it came to tracking down a murderer with the police, she was just the person for the job. Now let’s find out more about the character who plays her.

Who plays Chastity?

Meg DeLacy plays Chasity Sneed.

Chastity mainly guest stars in an episode called the “Follow-Up Day” which is the thirteenth episode of the second season on The Rookie. 

This is the thirty-third episode of the whole series and she is often found with Pete Nolan who is played by Pete Davidson.

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Who is Meg DeLacy from The Rookie?

Margaret DeLacy Kelley was born on July 9th 1996 and is an American actress and singer.

Meg DeLacy was born and raised in the United States, by her mother who is Filipino. Her mum moved to the United States from Manila when she was just two years old. She also has a great grandmother who was from Spain.

You may recognise her from her role as Cindy Burman in the DC Universe series Stargirl.

Meg has a YouTube channel where she posts her singing videos, she currently has 5.4K subscribers.

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The Rookie | Season 4 Promo Trailer

The Rookie | Season 4 Promo Trailer

Meg’s roles explored

Meg is well known for her role as Grace on The Fosters which she featured on from 2017 to 2018. She also starred in the 2017 drama film, F*&% the Prom, and took part in other television series such as Recovery Road and Zac and Mia.

Megan is best friends with Yvette Monreal who plays Yolanda Montez on Stargirl. The friendship was meant to be, as they even share the same birthday but four years apart from each other. The pair are often seen hanging out together off-set and spent most of the pandemic quarantining together.

Meg was nominated in 2019 for Best Supporting Actress by the Lady Filmmakers Film Festival for her role in Woodstock or Bust. She is definitely a talented actress to keep an eye out for!

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