Chad Duell reassures General Hospital fans Michael's 6th recasting is 'temporary'

Rachael Grealish June 14, 2022
Chad Duell reassures General Hospital fans Michael's 6th recasting is 'temporary'
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General Hospital’s Chad Duell has reassured fans the sixth recasting of his character, Michael Corinthos, is completely temporary.

Duell took to Twitter to tell fans why he was absent and his character was, once again, recast in the June 1 episode, explaining it was a temporary absence and he would be back to filming ‘next week’.

The 34-year-old said his absence was ‘COVID related’ and said his fill-in, Robert Adamson, ‘did great’. However, fans could be forgiven for thinking the show had recast the character again as Duell is not the first to take on the role.

Michael’s first appearance

The character of Michael Corinthos was born on-screen back in 1997, on 29 December, to Carly Benson and is being raised by his mother’s friend, Jason Morgan. Michael had a sufficiently dramatic beginning for General Hospital as the baby was born with a severe heart condition and his mother suffered from postpartum depression.

Baby Michael was played by two actors – as the standard for baby characters – as twins, Blake and Dylan Hopkins took on the role from December 1997 to 2001.

Tiarnan Cunningham

Next up for the role was Tiarnan Cunningham. Tiarnan only had a short run in the role of the troubled child, only playing him from 2001 to 2002. This was the actor’s only role, according to IMDB, before seemingly going on to live a normal life.

Dylan Cash

In March 2002 Dylan Cash stepped into the role of Michael. He was only a recurring member of the show before he was given a full contract in 2005.

Cash’s time as Michael was action-packed and eventful for a child – his departure from the show even helped raise awareness of gun violence as he was shot by a bullet meant for his father, and left in a coma.

The now-27-year-old earned a Young Artist Award for his portrayal of Michael in March 2003, according to Soap Central. The publication also claimed in 2008, when Cash left the show, a source ‘close’ to him said he was allegedly ‘blindsided’ by being ‘ousted’. But this was never spoken by Cash.

Drew Garrett

Michael woke up from his coma a year later, in 2009, aged 17 and played by Drew Garrett. Like Tiarnan, Drew didn’t have a long run on the show and, according to Soap Central he was ‘released’ from his contract in 2010.

However, even with such a short time as the iconic mobster boss’ son Drew was actually nominated for an Emmy in the Oustanding Younger Actor category for his portrayal of Michael. The worst part of that Drew actually got the nomination just as he exited the show and was replaced.

Chad Duell

The fifth reincarnation of Michael was taken by the show’s current star Duell. Duell has now played the role for 12 years and Michael has been through a lot in that time. Duell hit the ground running in the role and within a year he ranked at No.5 on Daytime Confidential’s list of top 10 Soap Newcomers of 2010 and received a nomination for Outstanding Younger Actor in 2011.

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Duell has taken on several difficult storylines over the years, including his character’s stint in prison where his character was raped by another inmate. Over the years Duell has also been nominated twice for Daytime Emmy Award for Supporting Actor, winning that category in 2015.

Robert Adamson

As it turns out Robert Adamson is just a temporary Michael until Duell got better and, when announcing it did ask fans to ‘take it with a grain of salt, and don’t judge too harshly’, in a post on Instagram.

Well, he must have done a good job filling in as not only did Duell comment on his performance but his co-star Cameron Mathison ( who plays Drew), said: “Obviously, he’s a seasoned vet, but he came into some big, heavy days [and] Robert did a great job. He’s a fun guy with a really good attitude.”

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