Carl Azuz finally addresses leaving CNN 10 after sudden absence

Amber Peake September 30, 2022
Carl Azuz finally addresses leaving CNN 10 after sudden absence


Carl Azuz, who did not return to his hosting duties on CNN 10 earlier this month amid its new season, has finally addressed leaving the show.

Earlier this month, a new season of the ten-minute educational daily news show began but instead of its longtime host, Azuz, CNN sports anchor and correspondent Coy Wire was seen presenting the episode.

Wire has continued to host the daily news offering, with fans of Azuz having since flooded his social media pages as many admitted they have missed seeing him on the show.

The former host has since addressed his absence as he thanked viewers for their continued support during his time on the show.

Bonelab | Teaser

Bonelab | Teaser

Coy Wire takes over as host of CNN 10

Earlier this month, CNN 10 returned for a new season of educational content. Ahead of its comeback, CNN 10 had teased that it would “re-launch” with some changes with the said alterations evident upon its first episode. 

Kicking off the new season, Carl Azuz, who had hosted the show for more than 14 years, was seen to be absent as a new host CNN sports anchor and correspondent Coy Wire was introduced to viewers.

While Wire didn’t appear to address what had happened to the longtime host in the new season episode, the new presenter mentioned the show’s planned “new look” and “new segments” as he welcomed fans back.

Wire has continued to host the following CNN 10 episodes, and despite his feature having been praised by some on social media, curiosity about Azuz’s absence has also sparked as fans have wondered what happened to the longtime host.

Carl Azuz finally addresses leaving CNN 10 

The following Monday, after the CNN 10’s season return, Azuz finally shared an update with fans as he confirmed he would not continue his role as part of the educational series.

In a video to his 766,100 followers on TikTok, he first assured fans he was “fine” as he shared his appreciation for fans following their concerns across the video-sharing platform, Twitter and Reddit amid his absence.

Addressing his CNN 10 role, he continued: “Going forward, I will no longer be a part of the show where you and I met.” 

While he did not offer an explanation behind his stepping down from his role, Azuz reflected on the opportunities that his position has brought him over the years. Looking back, he gushed about how the show has been a “tremendous blessing” because of viewers.

Azuz uplifts fans with pun-tastic tweets amid departure 

Audiences of CNN 10 will remember Azuz for his mood-boosting puns, which he is known to have sprinkled across his reports as he covered a variety of topics on the show. 

Some dedicated fans over the years have even spent time compiling his best puns in videos, with one simply honoring him with the title the “King of puns.”  He even slipped a few puns into his announcement video on TikTok. While reflecting on his time at CNN 10, he quipped: “So it hasn’t all been pun and games though I remain pun-stoppable.”

Following his departure from CNN10, one teacher tweeted they and their class had renamed its class plant after Azuz. Replying to the dedication, the Azuz shared his appreciation with a string of plant-related puns. 

In response to another viewer who shared concern CNN 10 could no longer feature puns, Azuz penned: “A show without those would be pun-thinkable.” Judging by the new CNN 10 host Coy Wire’s Twitter bio, viewers may not have to worry about puns as the sports correspondent wrote he is a deliverer of “dad jokes.” 

In the first episode of the new season, Wire was also seen to share his pun side as he discussed chipotle napkin pants he: “Well you’d have a place to wipe your hands when you’re done and you’d definitely give people something to taco about.”

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