Can Jenna Ortega play the cello? Story behind Wednesday's epic music scenes

Amber Peake November 29, 2022
Can Jenna Ortega play the cello? Story behind Wednesday's epic music scenes


Wednesday actress Jenna Ortega was seen playing the cello across the new Netflix series, but can she really play in real life?

Ortega’s cello scenes throughout the series have impressed many fans online as users online have expressed their admiration of the star’s performance across social media. One of her most notable performances was at the start of the series as she played The Rolling Stones track Paint It Black.

However, while some celebrated the scenes, others have wondered if the actress was actually playing the instrument. Let’s take a look…

Can Jenna Ortega play the cello?

Yes, the actress can actually play the bowed string instrument and did so across the filming for the Netflix series.

The talented young star even shared a behind-the-scenes look at her process of learning to play the cello.

Earlier this year, Ortega shared a picture of herself and her cello with her followers on Twitter from one of her practice sessions.

A clip from one of her sessions has also been circulated on TikTok as fans have marveled at the star’s dedication to the instrument:

Ortega learnt how to play the cello for her Wednesday role

The actress recently revealed in an interview with Wired she took up the instrument in preparation for her role as Wednesday Addams in the new Netflix series.

Ortega explained that she had started learning how to play the cello around two months before filming for the series began last fall.

Production for the project wrapped this spring in March, although the actress went on to admit she’s a bit out of practice since then due to her busy schedule.

She explained: “I probably couldn’t play too well now, just because I’ve been away from home so much working.” However, she continued to add that playing the cello is something she would like to continue in the future.

Photo by Natasha Campos/Getty Images for GreenSlate

Can the star play any other instruments?

It appears the young actress has some past experience with another string instrument, as, over the years, she has been seen playing the guitar.

A fan’s Twitter account in 2017 shared a snap of the actress plucking some chords, with another account sharing a video of Ortega playing in 2020.

While the actress seems to have shared her guitar playing with fans, she is yet to discuss her talent in interviews.

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