Why do parents hate Caillou? PBS’s cancellation of the kids’ show comes after complaints from angry parents that the show has a negative influence on their children’s behaviour.

We attempt to explain the recent Caillou hate and find out where the cartoon is still available to watch.

Why all the Calilou hate?

If you grew up in the 1990’s, you might recognise the iconic cartoon for its namesake main character, Caillou (Pronounced Kai-yoo), and his bratty behaviour throughout the series.

According to the Detroit Free Press, “four early episodes of Caillou have been permanently banned from PBS Kids because the kid is such a demon seed: lying to his mother, tormenting the family cat, swatting his baby sister with a book.”

This isn’t the first time parents have taken issue with a cartoon they claim causes bad behaviour in their children. Many parents have also complained about British cartoon series, Peppa Pig, which they say also inspires kids to misbehave.

Caillous cancelled by PBS

On top of complains from parents that young children beging copying Caillou’s tamtrums and misbehaviour, media reviews for the show have also been consistently low recently. You can read some of the reviews here.

If that’s not enough, Buzzfeed even have a dedicated post entitled 18 Reasons Why Parents Can’t Stand Caillou.

The summary for the Caillou hate seems to be that children will, more often than not, mimic what they see on TV and if a beloved cartoon is telling them it’s ok to behave in disrespectful and demanding ways, that will give them a green light to do so.

PBS have said their goodbyes to the show:

Can you still Caillou anywhere?

If you are feeling nostalgic or are ok with your children watching Caillou, there are still places where you can watch the show.

Full Episodes can still be found on YouTube, Amazon Prime, Google Play and Netflix. Purchases might be necessary on some of these apps.

In the meantime, Twitter rejoices as Caillou is cancelled

Salut, Caillou!

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