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Was the Burari case solved? Netflix series explores Bhatia family's fate

Yasmine Leung October 11, 2021
screenshot, YouTube - Netflix

Netflix docuseries House Of Secrets follows the mysterious circumstances surrounding the deaths of the Bhatia family in Burari, India, in 2018 – does the three-part show solve the case?

A new true-crime docuseries has landed on Netflix and this time viewers are transported to India – Delhi to be exact.

Revolving around the deaths of 11 members of the Bhatia family, House Of Secrets analyses evidence and possible theories that resulted in the hangings.

Viewers have praised the three-part series despite the gruesome details of the mass suicide and the eerie diary narration that adds to the spine-chilling case.

The Burari case: What happened?

“In my career of 17 years so far, I have never seen a crime scene like this and I hope I do not ever have to.” – Head constable Rajeev Tomar

Tomar was the first officer to enter the house on 1 July 2018, where he was confronted by the horrific sight of 11 bodies, all members of the Bhatia family. 77-year-old Narayan Devi was found dead along with her two sons, Bhavesh Singh and Lalit Singh, and their wives and children.

Hanging from the ceiling and blindfolded with their arms and legs tied, one look at the crime scene suggested foul play, but after investigation into Lalit’s diaries, accidental suicide due to the occult seemed more likely.

screenshot, YouTube – Netflix

Was the Burari case solved?

Police officials in the show concluded Lalit Singh was the orchestrator of the suicides. He had struggled with the passing of his father, Bhopal Singh, in 2007. Notes found at the crime scene confirmed Lalit believed he was communicating with his father, who instructed him to perform the bayan tree worship and the family would be saved.

The rest of the family blindly followed the 45-year-old in the ritual. Members were required to hang themselves for 15 minutes and, when the water in a pot turned red, they would survive.

Lalit was discovered to have suffered from schizophrenia and managed to coerce his family because of several instances where they saw positive life improvements after listening to him.

After the death of his father, Lalit reportedly didn’t speak for a year and was believed to have lost his voice. He told his family he had seen his father in a dream, who had instructed him to recite a prayer to regain his voice, which he did.

This marked the beginning of the end for the family especially, after another instance following this “advice”, the family saw their finances improve.

Yara | Official Trailer | Netflix

Yara | Official Trailer | Netflix

Netflix’s approach on the Burari deaths

While it’s known occult reasons were behind the deaths, House Of Secrets addresses the ways in which the case was sensationalised by Indian media. Neighbours of the family claimed some reported information was untrue.

The series also dives deeper into the evidence, particularly the significance of the number 11 – 11 diaries were recovered and 11 oddly installed pipes found on the side of the house matched the formation of the hanging bodies.

Overall, House Of Secrets sheds light on mental heath in India and shares psychotic disorders, while investigating the media frenzy that followed it.

House Of Secrets: The Burari Deaths is available on Netflix now.

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