Phoebe’s final song in B&B death scene is a real family tear-jerker

Darcy Rafter April 14, 2022
Phoebe’s final song in B&B death scene is a real family tear-jerker
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Phoebe Forrester died over a decade ago on The Bold And The Beautiful but she certainly made a lasting impression as she is often mentioned in episodes. Whenever the character is brought up, newer viewers are keen to discover more about Phoebe’s demise and her history on the soap.

Phoebe was born in September of 1999 as the daughter of Ridge Forrester and Taylor Hayes. The role was played by a series of twins until 2006 when the role was taken over by actor, MacKenzie Mauzy. She remained in the role until the character’s death in 2008.

Fans are keen to know how Phoebe died, in what became one of the most heartbreaking death scenes in soap history. Here’s a pre-warning, you won’t be able to hold back the tears when she starts singing on her deathbed.

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Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for ELLE

Phoebe’s final death scene on The Bold And The Beautiful explained

Phoebe and her sister spent a lot of their childhood at a boarding school in London. However, when Phoebe returned to LA in 2006 she was a focal character in the storyline. Mainly due to her relationship with Rick Forrester which caused a bridge between the Forrester family. Even though they aren’t blood-related, Rick is Ridge’s half brother and Phoebe’s father is Ridge.

In 2008, Steffy and Phoebe were reunited and discussed Rick’s recent antics toward their father. When Phoebe hears that Rick had kissed Steffy against her will she is fuming. Phoebe decides to confront Rick at his Forrester Creations office, he tries to leave but she gets in his car. As he drives away she begins hitting him, this results in him losing control of the vehicle and fatally crashing.

Phoebe’s final song on B&B is a real family tear-jerker

After the accident, Rick manages to walk to Eric’s house for help. Ridge was already trying to get hold of Phoebe so he followed him to the site of the accident. Phoebe was barely conscious when Ridge arrived and he attempted to wake her up. He holds his daughter in his arms whilst she faintly begins to sing the song she wrote for Ridge and Brooke’s wedding.

All we hear of the song is, “Close my eyes and think you’re always there, you’re always there…” before Phoebe passes away.

She died in her father’s arms as Ridge screams out in pain of losing his daughter. Listen to the heartbreaking song that Phoebe wrote for her father in the clip below.

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