Eleven-season animated sitcom Bob’s Burgers is up for a 2021 Emmy after the episode Worms Of In-Rear-Ment was dubbed “outstanding” by critics. Here’s where to watch the nominated episode and find out more about the series that inspired so many memes.

What is Bob’s Burgers?

Bob’s Burgers is an adult animated sitcom, an oddly relatable cartoon that describes adulthood in a unique but somehow realistic way.

The series revolves around the Belcher family. Parents Bob and Linda own and run a burger restaurant with their children Tina, Gene and Louise.

The Belchers are permanently broke and enlist their kids to help run the business. Meanwhile, the youngsters have to deal with their own issues – from growing pains to unrequited crushes and backfiring pranks – and stay in school.

Bob’s Burgers is up for a 2021 Emmy

The official Twitter page of the beloved cartoon has announced Bob’s Burgers is up for an Emmy Award in 2021 for the second episode of season 11, entitled Worms Of In-Rear-Ment.

This isn’t the first time Bob’s Burgers has been nominated for an Emmy – in fact, it’s their ninth consecutive nomination.

In 2013, TV Guide ranked Bob’s Burgers as one of the top 60 greatest TV cartoons of all time. Since 2012, the animated sitcom has been nominated for an Emmy every year but won only twice, in 2014 and 2017.

Where to watch Bob’s Burgers and nominated episode Worms Of In-Rear-Ment

Worms Of In-Rear-Ment is the second episode of the 11th season of the cartoon, which first aired in October 2020.

Bob’s Burgers is an animation created for the Fox Broadcasting Company and is available to watch on Fox for those living in the US.

For those living outside the US, Bob’s Burgers and Worms Of In-Rear-Ment is available on Disney+, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

Worms of In-Rear-Ment revolves around a pinworm epidemic that thwarts Linda’s dream of taking the family to the symphony on free admission night. From there, wacky shenanigans unfold with the extravagance the show’s fans know and love.

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