Bo Burnham's Inside: Timestamps to make your own quarantine playlist

kayleighbarker June 8, 2021
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Bo Burnham’s new Netflix special, Inside, has been dubbed by reviewers a “virtuosic portrait of a mediated mind”. Featuring 20 songs about the experience of going through lockdown all alone at home while plugged into the internet, the show is resonating with so many viewers. And now, it seems everyone wants the timestamps for Bo Burnham’s Inside to make their very own playlist.

What is the Netflix special all about?

Filmed in his guest house and produced entirely on his own, Burnham’s new Netflix special delves into the fever-dream quality of going through lockdown life while plugged into the internet. 

Laced in satire and celeb parodies, the comedian’s 20 songs cover everything from the insanity of reaction videos to Burnham’s anxiety about turning 30 during the pandemic.

As Inside becomes a big hit, fans are now wondering if his Netflix special will become an Emmy contender. After all, it was released just one day before the Emmy deadline and the show definitely has the potential.

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With such catchy music, relatable (for better or worse) lyrics and even award potential, it’s pretty obvious why people want the timestamps to Bo Burnham’s Inside: to make their own playlists to work (or cry) to.

Bo Burnham Inside timestamps: What you’re all here for

But without further ado, let’s get to what you’re all here for.

Clocking in at approximately 87 consecutive minutes of music, here is a full list of timestamps for Bo Burnham’s Inside mapped out to the second:

0:45 – I made you some content (Intro song)

4:04 – Healing the world with comedy 

11:17 – Facetime with my mom 

14:04 – How the world works 

20:21 – White women’s Instagram

26:10 – Unpaid intern

29:14 – Jeffrey Bezos

31:30 – Sexting

35:31 – Look who’s inside again

37:18 – I’m problematic, He’s a problem


43:49 – Thirty


49:35 – I don’t wanna know

54:17 – Feeling like s**t

56:03 – Feeling in my body

56:32 – Welcome to the internet

1:01:50 – Jeffrey Bezos pt.2

1:04:35 – That funny feeling

1:11:40 – All eyes on me 

1:19:39 – Possible ending song 

1:26:24 – End Credits

How to make your own Inside playlist for quarantine listening

For those scouring the web, hoping to create a Spotify playlist of Bo Burnham’s songs, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. Currently there are no Burnham songs from the Netflix special on either Spotify or iTunes.

Even songs from Burnham’s previous Netflix special, Make Happy, continues to remain off the big streaming platforms as Netflix holds all exclusive distribution rights.

Fans, for the most part, seem unhappy with this state of affairs.

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So where can you find them? Well, as Burnham’s songs make high use of visuals, we think that the best place to hear the songs is through Netflix itself. Fortunately, even if you’re on the go, Netflix’s downloadable option allows you to take the songs with you meaning no streaming required.

However, if you’re feeling adventurous one reddit user claims that they made a Spotify Inside playlist using Soundcloud and here’s how you can try it too:

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