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Better Call Saul theory hints that those black & white scenes could see Jimmy and Kim reunite

Paul Fogarty May 26, 2022
Better Call Saul black and white


As a prequel to Breaking Bad, we largely know what fate is going to befall Jimmy McGill by the end of season 6 of Better Call Saul as he completes his transformation into lawyer-to-the-underworld, Saul Goodman.

But there are still parts of Jimmy’s future that remain undecided, notably the black and white scenes that take place following Breaking Bad’s timeline that show the former lawyer lying low under the alias Gene Takavic and living a miserable existence as the manager of a Cinnabon store in Nebraska.

It’s these scenes where Jimmy’s journey looks set to conclude. As season 6 didn’t begin with Better Call Saul’s customary check-in with Gene, it only makes sense that the final season ends by telling us just how Jimmy’s story ends for good.

And we have a theory of just how Better Call Saul’s black and white scenes could wrap up the show.

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Better Call Saul | Series Trailer | Netflix

Better Call Saul | Series Trailer | Netflix

Our theory on how Better Call Saul’s black and white scenes will end

In the very first scene of Better Call Saul, we watch a dejected Gene Takavic watching a tape of old Saul Goodman adverts, and reflected in his glasses, we can see the adverts are playing in colour, contrasting to the black and white shell of an existence that Gene lives.

And for such a colourful character as Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman, to go out living a bleak life just seems wrong and so we think that Better Call Saul’s finale will see Jimmy’s life blossom back into colour and that Kim Wexler will be the one to spark that change.

The fate of Kim Wexler has been hotly debated ever since she was introduced in Better Call Saul’s first episode.

She was a brand new character for the prequel series and is never mentioned in the original Breaking Bad series, which suggests that she either faces imminent death, goes into hiding or simply lived on in the background following the events of Better Call Saul.

But we believe that Kim still has a huge part to play in the final moments of Better Call Saul and is still alive and kicking by the time Gene Takavic takes up his position as Nebraska’s most despondent Cinnabon manager.

AMC | Netflix | Sony Pictures Television

What this theory means for Kim

Ever since Kim Wexler was introduced, she has been shown to be one of, if not the smartest, characters in the whole show and also has a street-wise streak thanks to her mischievous mother who has been shown in a handful of flashbacks throughout the show.

While Kim may have had her sights trained on becoming a top lawyer at the start of the series, she has always had a thrill-seeking side to her and once she succeeds at earning a plush job at Schweikart & Cokely, she isn’t satisfied and quickly throws the well-paying role to one side for something that will give her more of a rush.

In season 6, Kim’s desire to misbehave has seen her mastermind a plan for her and Jimmy to bring down Howard Hamlin in order to speed up the Sandpiper Crossing case, which would see Jimmy earn a $2 million payout.

She is shown to be fearless in the face of danger, confronting Lalo Salamanca in season 5 and is apparently unfazed when Mike reveals to her that Lalo managed to survive the assassination attempt made against him.

Kim’s cool head means that she is usually one step – or more – ahead of any characters she interacts with, so we can’t see her being killed off by the end of season 6.

Instead, we think that Kim will manage to flee Albuquerque, potentially arranging Lalo’s death in the process, and hide away until the heat dies down before returning to try and find Jimmy.

AMC | Netflix | Sony Pictures Television

Evidence to support our theory

Everything in Better Call Saul is important, right down to single lines of dialogue, so there are plenty of hints already dotted throughout the show that suggests what might happen.

In episode 6 of season 6, we saw Jimmy and Kim pay a visit to shady vet Caldera, who has a huge list of criminal contacts. During the scene, he even shows the pair his little black book of information and explains that he’s looking to step back from that side of his life.

Tucked away in the pages of the notebook is a business card for Best Quality Vacuum, which Kim takes a notable interest in. The book may be written entirely in code but we wouldn’t put it past Kim being able to decipher the meaning behind the business card and make contact with, Ed Galbraith – The Disappearer who helped Walt go into hiding in Breaking Bad – if she needs to make a quick getaway if things turn south.

At the start of season 6, we watch as a repossession company strips Saul Goodman’s house and during the scene, it’s revealed that Jimmy managed to get his hands on that black book.

AMC | Netflix | Sony Pictures Television

In terms of their potential reunion, it doesn’t take long for Jimmy’s Gene Takavic alias to be rumbled as an assertive mall customer gets Gene to admit to being Saul Goodman in the season 5 premiere. The moment panics Jimmy at first and he calls Ed to arrange another – very expensive – pick-up. But Jimmy eventually changes his mind and vows to fix the problem himself.

The fact that Jimmy is recognised shows that he isn’t as well hidden as he first thought and if he’s about to cause even more noise to cover up being identified, it could draw even more attention.

If Kim really is alive by this time, then she’d almost certainly be able to track Jimmy down if rumours of Saul Goodman’s reappearance begin to circulate.

And finally, even the poster of Better Call Saul season 6 hints that the black and white scenes are about to get more colourful as it shows Gene in black and white donning a red suit jacket, potentially showing that he’d rather live the colourful and dangerous life of Saul Goodman than live a bleak existence as Gene Takavic.

AMC | Netflix | Sony Pictures Television

Better Call Saul season 6 will return to AMC in the US on Monday, July 11th while international viewers will be able to watch from Tuesday, July 12th on Netflix.

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