B&B star John McCook's daughter Molly looks exactly the same 25 years on

Yasmine Leung August 10, 2022
B&B star John McCook's daughter Molly looks exactly the same 25 years on


In honor of his daughter’s birthday, John McCook uploaded a super cute throwback photo of a young Molly, and she looks identical over 25 years later!

When he’s not portraying leading man Eric Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful, McCook is gushing about his blissful family life. At 78 years old, the actor is one of the few daytime TV veterans who remain active on social media.

The Y&R alum’s latest Instagram post is a tribute to daughter and fellow actress Molly McCook in honor of her 32nd birthday. The public has watched Molly grow up on screen thanks to her early days on Glee and B&B, but McCook just reminded fans just how much she hasn’t changed with a side-by-side photo of his daughter during her childhood.

Photo by Morgan Lieberman/Getty Images

Molly McCook looks identical to her blonde curly-haired young self

McCook wished his daughter a happy birthday by sharing a snap of an adult Molly clutching a framed photo of herself from over 25 years ago. One look at the old image and it’s obvious that it’s the Last Man Standing actress – the shoulder-length blonde curls and black thick-rimmed glasses are a dead giveaway. The only difference is that she’s wearing a grey T-shirt.

“Molly McCook’s birthday was today,” the B&B veteran wrote on July 31. “I remember lots of them, but this is still my favorite picture of herself and her spirit…Happy Happy, Molls!”.

There’s no confirmation of her age in the photo, but she looks to be about preschool age, so between three and five years old.

John is a proud father of four

The Daytime Emmy Award winner has been married to former actress Laurette Spang since 1980. He was previously married twice; once to Can-Can actress Juliet Prowse, with whom he had one son, Seth. According to his IMDb, he worked in the sound department as a boom operator until 2006.

Molly is the only child who followed her father into showbiz; her first roles came in a 2010 episode of Glee and 10 Things I Hate About You. That same year, she joined McCook on B&B for five episodes as Stacy and landed her first starring role in 2018 as Mandy Baxter Anderson on Fox’s Last Man Standing.

Her brother, Jake, is an artist, and little is known about sister Rebecca, whose social media account is private.

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