B&B fans joke Tanner Novlan is 'cheating' at golf as he tries shortcut

Yasmine Leung August 10, 2022
B&B fans joke Tanner Novlan is 'cheating' at golf as he tries shortcut
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B&B’s Tanner Novlan may be a big sports fan, but it seems he’s not ashamed of trying out a shortcut or two in a bid to up his golf game. It turns out he’s got an epic contraption to help him get a hole in one… even if his fans do think he’s cheating.

B&B fans broke into an uproar after Dr John “Finn” Finnegan was seemingly killed off in April 2022 after taking a bullet for his wife Steffy. What viewers believed was the end of Finn was eventually revealed to be untrue; the doctor returned to screens in late May under the secret care of adoptive mother Li.

During his absence, Tanner Novlan was occupied with hockey and caring for his two children, though judging from his latest Instagram post, he should’ve been focused on perfecting his golf techniques rather than “cheating” his way through a game.

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Tanner Novlan takes golf to the next level with handy tool

Novlan made use of a convenient contraption as he attempted to give Tiger Woods a run for his money on the green.

Holding a red ball launcher, the 36-year-old can be seen shooting a golf ball far into the distance with the assistance of instructor Ron del Barrio, who is tagged in the caption.

“Golf is so much easier this way,” the B&B actor exclaimed, as a friend chuckled in agreement.

It’s not the traditional way to enjoy the game, but fans are appreciating the funny side of his shortcut: “That’s just cheating lol! But hey no divots to fix,” one commented.

Another joked: “Great swing!”

Although rarely seen on the course, golf ball launchers are nothing new. Seattle-based company Golf & Corporate Solutions introduced their version to the Northwest in 2015, and they can allegedly catapult balls to over 350 yards.

Tanner had to keep B&B comeback a secret from his mom

Novlan tricked soap viewers into believing he was off the show for good after telling Soap Opera Digest that he was “really surprised” by his character’s demise.” But, that’s the nature of soap opera. Anything can happen at any time, and that’s ultimately what keeps people engaged with the show,” he said in April.

Finn was gunned down by his biological mother Sheila, who intended to kill Steffy.

Fans were relieved of their misery after realizing that the doctor was still alive, albeit comatose. One of those viewers was Novlan’s own mother, who, as a die-hard fan, was “so mad at the producers.”

Speaking to The Talk, the Roswell, New Mexico actor claimed he had to restrain his mom from writing a complaint letter to the creators.

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