As season two of The Hustler continues on ABC, some fans of the show were curious to know more about last night’s contestants, including The Hustler themself, April Choi.

April Choi is revealed to be The Hustler

Season 2 of The Hustler hit our screens last month and has since become a hit with viewers as they join the players in guessing who The Hustler is each week.

Last night’s episode saw contestants Caitlyn, Ryan and April in the final stage of the game as they had to decide who they thought The Hustler was in the hopes of winning the $80,000 prize money.

After casting their votes, it was revealed that Ryan and Caitlyn both thought April was lying. Trying to secure a stake in the prize money, April tried to convince Ryan to switch his vote to Caitlyn, although he stuck to his answer.

Ryan and Caitlyn later went home with a split of the prize money as April was revealed to be The Hustler of the game.

Twitter reacts to April’s reveal

Following April’s reveal fans of the show took to social media as some guessed the identity of The Hustler correctly while others congratulated April on her gameplay throughout the show.

Who is April Choi?

As April Choi appeared on the popular ABC game series last night, some are now curious to know more about her life off-screen.

By day The Hustler contestant is an analytical engineer. Although away from work April has a variety of unique talents including fire-eating and performing.

She also holds multiple whip related world records including loudest whip crack and most Jenga blocks removed by a whip in one minute.

In a Meet The Record Breakers style interview with Guinness World Records in 2017, Choi revealed she wants to break as many world records as she can.

At the time she explained: “I’m trying to break as many Guinness World Records as I can, specifically ones related to whips. I have a degree in computational fluid dynamics, so the physics of whips really entertain me, and I find them utterly fascinating.”

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