Animal Kingdom: Who's behind Catherine's death in season 5 finale?

Yasmine Leung October 4, 2021
Animal Kingdom: Who's behind Catherine's death in season 5 finale?

Animal Kingdom’s season 5 finale was left on a cliffhanger with the discovery of Catherine’s death at a construction site – who was the character behind her demise and when did it happen?

Animal Kingdom season 5 finale concludes with a mystery

Animal Kingdom concluded on 3 October 2021 with episode 13 – ending with some gore and a successful heist by the Cody family, it was the perfect ending to the season in true Animal Kingdom style, and obviously, it wasn’t going to finish without a cliffhanger before the sixth and final season.

As a criminal family, murder is the norm, with members even killing each other off, such as Smurf sending Baz to his death – what a delightful mother.

However, the deaths eventually do get traced back to the Cody’s and it looks like the discovery of Catherine’s body in the finale will be the first plot of the next season.

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Catherine Blackwell: Who’s responsible for her death?

If you’ve been an Animal Kingdom viewer since season 1, then you would’ve remembered that Pope killed Catherine in season 1 episode 9, titled Judas Kiss.

You could say that Catherine deserved her death since she tried to steal $10,000 from Smurf – after the Cody boys successfully pulled off their military base heist, Catherine takes the cash from behind the dryer in Smurf’s house.

The matriarch is already suspicious of Baz’s girlfriend; combine that with missing money and the fact that she’s friends with a police officer, Pope is sent to confront her.

Pope’s infatuation with her meant that it was possible for her to escape, especially when she initiates sex in order to escape. After the deed is done however, Pope smothers her with a pillow and buries her body in the desert with her bags.

Now that Catherine’s body has been discovered at the Cabrillo Circle Development construction site, the question is: how did her body get there and did someone plant it there?

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The Billion Dollar Code | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Billion Dollar Code | Official Trailer | Netflix

Daniella Alonso plays Catherine Blackwell

43-year-old actress Daniella Alonso portrays Catherine Blackwell in season 1 of Animal Kingdom.

Born in New York City, she is of Japanese, Filipino and Puerto Rican heritage. Before she became an actress, she worked as a model after being discovered by global modelling agency, Ford Models.

Her biggest roles to date have been in NBC’s post-apocalytic series Revolution, as Nora Clayton in 2012-2013 and The CW’s soap opera Dynasty, as Cristal Jennings since 2019.

Alonso shares daughter Inara with actor Jeff Schine – it’s unknown whether the pair are married. Schine is a successful voice actor with credits in games such as The Walking Dead: A New Frontier and the Call Of Duty franchise.

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