Who is Aiden on General Hospital? Enzo De Angelis takes over role

Darcy Rafter October 27, 2021
Who is Aiden on General Hospital? Enzo De Angelis takes over role

Fans of General Hospital want to know more about the new actor who has been recast as Aiden. Let’s discover more about Enzo De Angelis, who is the face behind the role.

Aiden made his debut in the August 31st 2021 episode of General Hospital when he joined his mother on a camping trip with Finn, Chase, and Violet. 

Who is Aiden on General Hospital?

On August 31st, 2021, Aiden was recast with Enzo De Angelis.

Aiden Spencer is the son of Lucky Spencer and his ex-wife, Nurse Elizabeth Webber.

He is the half-brother of Cameron and Jake, and the first biological grandchild of the lovely Luke and Laura Spencer.

Titus Jackson who is the real-life son of Jonathan Jackson actually played Aiden’s on-screen father. Lucky also portrayed Aiden from 2011 for a year.

He was then portrayed by Jason David, who debuted in the role on August 3rd, 2012.

After his appearance on April 16th, 2020, Jason David was offscreen for almost a year due to the COVID pandemic. However, he made a comeback as Aiden on March 17th, 2021.

Aiden’s storyline on General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst, who portrays Elizabeth, was pregnant in real life and therefore, her pregnancy was written into the script, making her character pregnant too.

When Liz found out she was pregnant with Aiden, Lucky had just broken off their engagement because he discovered she was having an affair with his brother, Nikolas.

Lucky was revealed to be the father of her unborn baby on March 16, 2010, but Helena had switched the results so that it shows Nikolas is the father.

Aiden was born onscreen on July 19th, 2010, not long after he was born there is an episode where a serial killer called Franco took the baby.

In one scene, Lucky holds Aiden and exclaims how he wishes that Aiden was his son and not his brother’s. Completely clueless that Aiden really is his son.

In a later episode, Aiden notices Franco in his mum’s room and asks if they are boyfriend and girlfriend and she replies yes. By 2018, he and Franco had become very close.

Enzo De Angelis takes over role

Enzo De Angelis was born on October 2, 2008, in Los Angeles, California. He loves to play flag football, fish, and learn about WW2 history.

Enzo has appeared in many national commercials as well as television and film.

He has previously appeared in an episode of the Disney+ TV series Diary Of A Future President. Along with the Disney+ movie Stargirl and the short films A Kid and His Panda and A Dark Haired Girl.

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